The Phantom Pain teaser site is live

Those who visit (created December 8 2012) will be greeted by a few lines of text.

Notice the differently colored words: perceptions, experiences and removal.

Also notice how the first paragraph is broken up into shorter pieces than the last sentence.

Now this is probably overanalyzing things, but still:

Below the image is an invisible text that says:

Pain had not been completely eliminated, but the intensity had been reduced by over 50% and the burning component had completely vanished (Bittar et al., 2005).


  • Nokutisu

    He took that from wikipedia exactly the same text quoted from (Giummarra et al., 2007)

    • Nyxus

      I’m not entirely sure if this teaser site is official, by the way.

  • rigger mortis

    I’m thinking this might be an Eternal Darkness type game. A whole game where Psycho Mantis absolutely fucks with Snake and the gamer so you never know what’s real and what isn’t. Apart from the whale of course.

  • rigger mortis

    …actually, maybe the whole idea of having your mind messed with is a less literal kind of phantom pain? It isn’t part of you, just a perception of something that really isn’t there, along with the actual phantom pain of having an amputated limb which I’m guessing would be like Snake’s psyche in MGS4, an effective way of fully getting the player to empathize with him as you both go through the torment.

    It’s conjecture but it kind of adds up in a Kojima kind of way. I think. Maybe.

  • Not Kojima

    The text has changed, completely blowing this incredibly flimsy theory out of the water.

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