Famitsu teases ‘something surprising for Metal Gear Solid Fans’ next week

As if the rumors surrounding the Metal Gear franchise haven’t been fueled enough the past few days, now Japanese gaming magazine Famitsu is teasing a surprise for the fans of the series. Next week they will have something surprising in store for Metal Gear Solid fans, or so they claim.

Of course this may be related to the Phantom Pain announcement last week, if that is indeed part of an elaborate promotional campaign. Or it could be something else entirely. Only time will tell. The next Famitsu will be out December 20.

Source: gamenohanashi via MGS.be

  • obsessedgeorge

    Only time will tell that’s for sure! Come on already! We need to know what is The Phantom Pain. I hope it is Ground Zeroes. I don’t want it to be a Vita game.

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