New Fox Engine screens

Hideo Kojima has posted some new FoxEngine screens (click to enlarge).






The screens show Snake from Metal Gear Solid Ground Zeroes standing in the Kojima Productions office that was used before in a lighting demo for the new engine. Snakes is holding the MGS 25th Anniversary bento box that Kojima Productions received two days ago from Sony. They used a 3D scanner to create this image in about two hours.

Source: Hideo Kojima’s Twitter

  • Your Dads Mom

    It confirms that no Phantom Pain for the lame vita. Sell your vitas before it’s too late. It’s mainly geared for PS3, Xbox360 and PC.

    • How does it confirm anything? There is more to look forward to then just an MGS solid game in 2013. While I would love one for the Vita, I have patience.

      This does confirm that Sony and Kojima still have a tight/close relationship. Here is to more MGS in the next 25 years. And how well their Fox Engine is.

    • TheVGC

      Wow You’re dumb.

    • No one has said PC yet.

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  • bonezai

    I like the OLD Snake in MGS4 than this grandpa

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  • Football Not Soccer

    Been downgraded? Doesnt seem to look anywhere near as impressive as before.

    • xalener

      Do you know what you’re seeing?

  • SolidSnake4President2012


  • dqw


  • AmazingGamhard!

    Gay! The COD engine is so much better then this piece of shit.

    • ALKi1234

      I want what your smoking!

    • Danny Rogosic


  • Markos

    Fuck the haters!!

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