Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance Collector’s Edition Game Guide available for pre-order

Metal Gear Rising is getting a collector’s edition game guide. The guide is being developed by Piggyback, and will contain many extras such as a numbered lithograph by Shinkawa (like the Metal Gear Solid 4 Collector’s Edition Guide), a hardcover and extra information regarding the creative process of the game.


The official description:


• A 16-page character gallery with background from the development team presenting the artistic choices they made in creating each game character.

• Includes a sequentially numbered lithograph created by Yoji Shinkawa printed on high-quality, textured paper.

• A Collector’s Edition hardcover.


• Written in conjunction with Kojima Productions and Platinum Games in Japan, this is the fifth Metal Gear guide developed by Piggyback.

• The 100% complete Walkthrough covers every step of the game and takes players through every combat encounter and boss battle, focusing on reaching the maximum S-rank on all difficulty levels, including the ultimate “Revengeance” mode.

• Highest quality screenshots relay battle strategies supported by annotated, top-down maps revealing the location of all collectibles.

• Reference & Analysis: A comprehensive tool offering in-depth analysis for all systems in the game including Combat, Moves & Combos, Customization, Weapons & Items, Enemies (with expert strategies to overcome each), and Achievements & Trophies.

• The Extras chapter covers maximum-score walkthroughs for all VR missions, all optional Codec conversations, all Easter eggs and Checklists for all unlockable Bonuses & Titles with details on how to unlock each.

• Quick-search, user-friendly tab system and a comprehensive alphabetical index.

• Includes unique, not-yet-seen, official artworks.

The guide is available for pre-order on Amazon for around $22, or for Europeans for £19.85, and will release alongside the game.


Source: NeoGAF, MGN
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