More exoskeleton armor varieties for Metal Gear Rising seem to be in the making

There seem to be more Metal Gear Rising skins in the works. This was announced on the PlayStation Blog by the social media manager of Konami, Dalton Link:

We don’t have the MGS2 Raiden Skull Suit planned for MGR at this time, but there are some AWESOME Raiden exoskeleton armor varieties in the works!

When someone asked if the game would be available through PSN, he answered:

We’ll make the announcement on the digital release of MGR soon! Please stay tuned!

As stated, more information will  follow at a later date.

Source: PlayStation Blog

  • Dammit I kinda hoped it was, im one of the people who actually liked Raiden it just a pity they crushed him so soon

    • Nyxus

      I’ve always liked Raiden, both in MGS2 and MGS4. But yeah, a Skull Suit would be nice, though I’m not one to pay for DLC.

      • If dlc worth the price I buy it

        • ObsessedGeorge

          No, you’re wrong. You already pay for the game! Don’t you get it? Why pay for something that should have been on the disc from the start?! Do you believe them when they say that they created these add-ons after the game was released? NO. They lie. These add-ons are made along the game, but they cut them from the final product so that they can get extra money. We are not sheep.

          • So my opinion is wrong? no im not wrong. to me it doesn’t matter if it was cut from the game and added as DLC. people still worked on it and I see that as value for money. Skins costing 80 MSP or 160 msp are fine imo
            it when they start charging 800 msp for skins(think of Capcom V marvel)
            and sometimes things are worked on after the games is “finished” some development teams finish 3 months before the game due to be shipped so while a team bug fixes(day one patches) some also work on add ons

          • ObsessedGeorge

            Let me put it this way. You’ll know if the DLC you are downloading is included in the disc and you “unlock” it, just by it’s size.

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