Kamiya Really Wanted Kojima’s Autograph

Hideki Kamiya, known for working on games such as Resident Evil, Viewtiful Joe, Devil May Cry and Bayonetta, begged Kojima to sign his copy of SNATCHER, as reported on a recent Twitter-post by Inaba.

The bald man holding the box is Kamiya. Kojima is standing next to him.

Snatcher is an adventure game made by Kojima in 1988, and was released on multiple consoles. It has a high collector’s value, so one signed by Kojima would probably be worth something.

There were also several other photos uploaded, including this one of the recording of ‘The Truth Behind Metal Gear Rising’ documentary that was released last December.

For more pictures of the Rising development process and Platinum Games and Kojima Productions staff, including ice cream cones and passed out staff members, click the link at the bottom

Source: Inaba’s Twitter

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