Rare Metal Gear Rising items appear on eBay, including the biggest goodie ever made

Konami France is holding an auction for charity, selling off several Metal Gear Rising related items on eBay. The collected funds will be donated to Unicef Paris at the Metal Gear Rising launch party on February 19.

There are several items available. First of all there are a few special editions of the game complete with autographs of Hideo Kojima and Yoji Shinkawa. To be precise:

  • 2 Japanese Premium Packs (including autographs)
  • 3 European Limited Editions (including autographs)
  • 3 normal versions (including autographs)

Metal-Gear-Rising-Premium-Package  MGR-Limited-Europe

Aside from these games, there will be a very special collector’s item: a sliced up police car straight from the game. This item will be signed by Kojima and Shinkawa as well. The auction explains that while this was made from a real car, it’s now been sliced up, so it doesn’t work anymore. They also note that this might be the biggest goodie ever made.



Now, only to find the room for it…

The auction will end the 19th. Hideo Kojima and Yoji Shinkawa will be in Paris for a master class and the world tour around the same time, so it’s safe to assume they’ll attend the launch party as well.

Source: MetalGearSolid.beeBay

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