More info on Metal Gear Rising DLC

Platinum Games has shared some new information on their Metal Gear Rising DLC plans. Right now there are three batches of downloadable content planned:

  • Soul Snake Wooden Sword and 30 VR Missions




30 additional VR missions. This package will contain a special weapon: a wooden katana infused with the soul of Solid Snake. You will hear his voice as you swing it. Some mission are completed using a Dwarf Gekko.

  • Sam Missions



Side missions where you’re playing as the game’s antagonist Sam.

  • LQ-84i Missions

Side missions with the Bladewolf character LQ-84i. No screens have been released yet.

Platinum Games stated that all this content is still in development.

Source: Platinum Games Blog

  • saladin_snake

    Hearing Solid Snake’s voice and realizing he’s dead will just be extremely depressing 🙁

    • lol

      Dead AND imprisioned on a bamboo sword… after all he’s been trough… :/

    • Perhaps Snake isn’t dead yet, and perhaps MGS: Ground Zeroes is the game after MGS4 like MGR.

  • ObsessedGeorge

    Interesting stuff!

  • lol

    By the way Nyxus, may be a little off topic, will you write a review for MGR?

    • Nyxus

      I might, not sure though…

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