Metal Gear Rising black and blue iPhone cases announced

Konami announced two new Metal Gear Rising themed iPhone 5 cases: one colored black and one colored blue. They are made from lightweight duralumin and will protect the iPhone from external shocks. The cases don’t come cheap, they cost 9,800 yen, which is just over a 100 dollars, or around 80 euros.




For the blue version, go here.




For the black version, go here.

Source: Metal Gear Rising Japanese Site, KonamiStyle Japan

  • Good cases. I like the black one more than the blue one. The color is awesome and makes the case look like a lavish cover. For me it will do so. Would it be available for the iPhone 5 as well?



    iPhone 4 cases for protection & Style

    • Nyxus

      These are for the iPhone 5.

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