Metal Gear 25th Anniversary Artworks coming to the west soon

Konami is bringing the Metal Gear 25th Anniversary Artbook bundle to the west. In Japan, it was released as part of a book set containing novels and artbooks. This release will only contain the artbooks, which are held together by a special aluminum case. It will be sold via the KonamiStyle Store in the US for around 250 dollars.


Konami’s official message:

Coming soon exclusively to Western audiences via the KonamiStyle store: We will be ordering super limited quantities of the METAL GEAR SOLID COLLECTION 25th ANNIVERSARY ARTWORKS, consisting of two, hardbound, high-quality, 250-page wall-to-wall illustrations spanning concept to production. Housed in a heavy-duty, metal case (estimated price: $250 U.S.)!

Whether Europeans will also have a chance to buy the item via their own store remains to be seen.

Source: MGS Facebook

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