Keighley: ‘Joakim Mogren is not Kojima, definitely still a chance this is Metal Gear’

Gaming journalist Geoff Keighley has conducted an interview with the elusive Joakim Mogren, which will be aired tonight on GTTV. It doesn’t exactly make things any less mysterious. Keighley said he saw some new photos, that this was a weird interview and that Joakim wasn’t Hideo Kojima. But when someone asked wether this meant it was not a Metal Gear game, Keighley stated there is ‘definitely still a chance’ this is in fact Metal Gear related after all.

This all seems to get more confusing with every new bit of information, but maybe tonight things will finally be cleared up.

Update: another Tweet, this time with a photo of (supposedly) Joakim Mogren, who has similar bandages to the character in the Phantom Pain reveal trailer, obscuring his face.


Source: Geoff Keighley Twitter

  • ObsessedGeorge

    I hope that he is not lying to us, just to tease us like Kojima.

    • Nyxus

      I really have no clue anymore at this point. 😛

      • ObsessedGeorge

        I think that’s his marketing strategy.

  • Crypt

    He could be lying. Or KojiPro could have hired an actor to be Mogren.

    • Nyxus

      It could be anything at this point. It’s all very vague. Maybe it’s the latter, but that would make this a pretty elaborate marketing stunt if you ask me.

  • It will be interesting to see if the interview was done at their offices or some random location. Like a coffee shop or hotel room like press junkets tend to be held.

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  • *Head Explodes!!*

  • Stephan

    It’s blatant lie! an april fools joke! geoff is in on it, with kojima and co.
    they want people talking about this game again!

    • Nyxus

      And it works. 😛

  • Patrick

    Honestly, as much as I want The Phantom Pain to be a new Metal Gear game, it would be hilarious if it had nothing to do with KojiPro. We never could have suspected that anyone could out-Kojima Kojima himself!

  • darkeagle101

    Theory: Kojima is doing something new and wants to see if people like his new concept. If people don’t like it, he doesn’t have to anything and continue on with his business. ”I’m not Joakim” he’ll say and state that he’s working on GZ. I would do this if I wanted a reaction to an idea or concept, you can’t loose doing this. Or he’s just trolling and wants to excite the fans. Either way, this is a breath of fresh air in PR, and it is indeed welcomed.

  • Kraid

    Hahaha this is so ridiculous, can’t wait to see how events unfold!

  • Kojima is really going at this hard haha, he is so obviously begind this, god I love when that guys trolls, he’s so great at it 🙂

  • albert satria

    oh look.Fox Engine Logo at corner on his Ipad.haha

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