Kojima thinks it's important to mislead people in his trailers

In an interview with gaming magazine Edge, Kojima gave his view on leaving hints in trailers for his games, and misleading people with them with the goal of keeping the game unpredictable and create a sense of discovery for the player.

I do think it’s important to leave hints, but, in a sense, I think it’s important to mislead people with hints because I think if something’s too predictable then it’s no longer fun. I think that’s the problem with many Hollywood sequels, you get exactly what you expect. But what I want to do, is make people look forward to a game by watching the trailers and say “Hey, that looks great.” But then, when they actually play it, they have this sort of epiphany where they realise “Oh, so that’s what that was.” And it all kind of comes together and clicks in their head. I think that’s very important that you leave some sense of discovery for the player.

Kojima was also asked wether he was involved in The Phantom Pain, but he wouldn’t answer this question.

Source: Edge Online

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