New Phantom Pain images and info – Fox Engine, next trailer at GDC

During an interview conducted by Geoff Keighley for GTTV, some new information about The Phantom Pain was shared. Joakim Mogren announced that a new trailer will be shown at the GDC 2013, which will supposedly answer all of our questions. His head was wrapped in bandages during the interview (in the same way as one of the characters in the trailer), and according to Mogren he had a ‘little accident’, but should be good by GDC.

We also know that The Phantom Pain is running on the Fox Engine (some more evidence that this is a Kojima related project). Joakim Mogren did not want to say if this is a next gen game, and if it would be released for the newly announced PlayStation 4.

Some new artworks and screens were shown by Joakim Mogren on his iPad. It is in these pictures that the Fox Engine logo is visible in the lower right corner.






You can see the full (just over three minute) Joakim Mogren interview here.

Source: GTTV,

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