Jetstream Sam DLC for Metal Gear Rising – Details and Screenshots

Konami has provided some details on the second batch of downloadable content for Metal Gear Rising Revengeance. Players will be able to play as Samuel ‘Jetstream Sam’ Rodriguez, a samurai character from Metal Gear Rising. The Jetsteam Sam DLC will be released in Japan on April 9th 2013, and will cost 1000 yen. Some new screens were released as well, here’s a small selection.




The DLC will revolve around Sam and take place in Denver, Colorado. Some of Sam’s past (taking place before Metal Gear Rising) will also be revealed. Details for the other regions haven’t been made available yet.

Source: Metal Gear Rising Official Site, AGB

  • B G

    It feels kind of “hack” that the locales are pretty much the same ones used in Raiden’s Story. I really hope this isn’t a phoned in DLC like those Batman Arkham challenges with “alternate” characters.

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  • ySocrates

    I honestly felt disapointed with Rising. The game gets really boring after some time. Its plot didn’t get me interested at all and the graphics are completely out dated. Not gonna buy this dlc, since it will probably be just a Sam playthrough over Raiden’s stages…
    I’m glad i didn’t buy the collector’s edition for that game.

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