One of the doctors in the Metal Gear Solid V trailer is a 3D captured person

At GDC 2013, Kojima Productions showed off their new engine, and how it can capture real life persons and objects into the game relatively easily using 3D scanning. One of the doctors in the beginning of the trailer giving ECM to Snake is actually a scan of one of KP’s staff members, character modeling artist Mike Fudge.


On the screen in this photo you can see the character model standing in the meeting room. Kojima wrote:

At the beginning of “MGS5” trailer, there’s a doctor giving ECM to Snake. In fact this character was modeled by one of our staff, the character modeling artist, Mr. MIKE FUDGE. We did 3D captured of him w/i our studio and he polished himself.

Here is the character in the trailer:


This is one of the techniques the studio can ow use to speed up game development with the new engine.

Source: Hideo Kojima Twitter

  • ObsessedGeorge

    That is amazing! The moment i saw this guy in the trailer i said: “Shit, this guy is realistic as hell!” Well basically every person in the trailer is realistic as hell!

  • swaglord xx

    I kind of feel bad for him because well… his last name is Fudge. But at the same time I’m incredibly jealous of working on TPP and being in it at the same time.

  • CVC

    So, kinda weird … everyone is face-capped except Snake? or is Snake also face-capped? if so who is the actor?

    • Nyxus

      I think only less important characters are face-capped, because main characters are designed by Shinkawa. But I’m not sure, because I don’t know the working process of course.

    • Markos

      At the fox engine conferece, they showed how the light can affect the same environment or something, and they showed 3 photos of an actor that looks a lot like Snake…

  • Rayx

    nice 😀

  • EyeHaveYou

    Lucky bastard. Imagine working AND being a part of a MGS game… lucky bastard

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