Revoltech Snake action figure – New photos

A new Metal Gear action figure has arrived at Kojima Productions: The Revoltech Big Boss. Kojima posted some photos, displaying a few of the many poses this figure can take. It comes with the cardboard box you see below.







Also in development, ‘Blue Raiden’ from Metal Gear Solid 2 by Play Arts Kai. According to Kojima, a lot of work still needs to be done on this one.


Source: Hideo Kojima Twitter

  • CB

    They both look bloody awful.

  • Masa

    true dat

  • Who is this guy in Big Boss’s suit?

  • Mortal Machado

    I think they look kool.

  • EyeHaveYou

    Do something about Big Boss’ face and I’ll buy. I like the stealth suit

  • swaglord xx

    Both heads are terrible, but the suits look awesome. I think I know why they mostly make mecha figurines.

  • Freesun4

    Big Boss looks like he was designed by Alex Wood. Meanwhile, Raiden has Liquid’s hair.

  • Rob Dole

    Why does Raiden look like David Bowie?

  • The Revoltec Snake looks absolutely horrendous, and nothing like Big Boss.. -_- I won’t be picking one up anytime soon.

  • Enzo

    You could say these Revoltech figurines are…


    • david garcia

      Or.. you could say, these look.. Hideo-us.

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