Updates from Kojima Productions – Sound mixing and t-shirts

Today some small updates from Kojima Productions Japan.

Kojima is currently working on a sound mix. He mentioned they made sure the English lyrics of the song they’re using fit well.


Also, a bunch of t-shirts have arrived at the office representing both the Japanese and the Los Angeles development teams. The shirts got distributed among the Japan team, it’s not entirely clear if the Los Angeles t-shirts are meant for the respective division overseas, but that would make the most sense.




Source: Hideo Kojima Twitter

  • I really hope it is a song/music composed solely for the game and not just another third party song. I love “Here’s to you” and “Not your kind of people” don’t get me wrong; I just want MGS music to come back..I miss it!

    • bdgil1

      Not your kind of people is a third party song

    • EyeHaveYou

      Yeah something along the lines of “Snake Eater” would do

  • Ilja Y.

    I hope Harry Gregson-Williams gonna take care of the MGS V OST. He did an awesome job on the previous MGS titles.

  • John

    Best range of online sound mixing and mastering services are available at CLFsound

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