Kojima talks about new ways of creating with Metal Gear Solid V

Hideo Kojima talked a bit about what’s changed with the development of his current project, Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain.

With Metal Gear Solid V, the process of recording has changed. Kojima wrote:

“In fact, the initial plan of “5” was to do performance capture which takes voice, facial expression and action all at once. But if you do this, I have to stay in Hollywood for some amount of period of time, which I couldn’t do, so as compromise, we take action in Japan and voice and facial in Hollywood.”

With Hollywood Kojima is possibly referring to the new studio, Kojima Productions Los Angeles.

Kojima-Motion-Capture-MGS-V Character-Model-Phantom-Pain

With today’s technology, it is desirable the voices, faces, facial expressions and movement of a single character are all done by the same person.

“We created “FOX Engine”, changed our way of development based on the era and technology. Of course, as shooting style of voice, facial, action, and 3D capture changes we have to change the actors. Preferably it should be a one person who covers voice, face, body, everything as it becomes “acting”.”

This could be a possible explanation for replacing David Hayter, although that is just speculation of course.

Metal-Gear-Solid-V-Motion-Capture Metal-Gear-Solid-V-Motion-Capture-Camera

“There’s only a few that we used one person covering everything (voice, face, body expression) this time but it will become a mainstream in future.”

Source: Hideo Kojima Twitter, Hideo Kojima English Twitter

  • Likofracked

    . . . So if they are not doing the motion capture and voice acting at the same time, why is there no Daivd Hayter? Not Buying unless this Hayter problem has been solved.

  • Damnation

    I don’t really understand how this
    could make any sense, story wise. If we are to take what Konami has stated at
    face value, the game is broken in to two parts; the first (Ground Zeros) takes
    place directly after Peace Walker. The second (The Phantom Pain) takes place 9
    years after the coma at the end of Ground Zeros. Keeping in mind that David
    Hayter did in fact voice Big Boss or Naked Snake as he is called in PW, in
    Peace Walker (as well as Portable Ops and MGS3), then it only would make sense
    for him to at the very least continue to voice Big Boss in the Ground Zeros
    section of the game. I not even sure Big Bosses voice would have changed that
    much during the Coma since its only the 80’s when he awakens and his is voiced
    by Richard Doyle in the 2010’s. So any way you look at it, this really makes no

  • MissyYolandi

    fact: David Hayter gave up half his paycheck merely to get the original voice
    cast for Metal Gear Solid: Twin Snakes.
    He was that dedicated to bringing the fans the authentic metal gear
    experience. He is too nice to ask us, but how could we possibly turn our back
    on him in his time of need? I will fight for David Hayter any day.”
    -User Massacred

  • deborah

    Listen everyone take to this petition let’s see if we can’t get this injustice
    righted. To (the author) please put a website link of the petition up so it
    will get more traffic, Thank You. https://www.change.org/petitio

    • Nyxus

      I mentioned the link in another article, but everyone can decide for themselves wether they think this is a good idea or not. Though most fans seem to agree Hayter should return. My main problem with it is that we have never heard a (good) reason for replacing him, since it’s not a small change, as proven by the public outcry.

      • Ether

        True, if anyone dares try to argue that his reasoning in that GameTrailers interview was sound and logical they must be banned from this forum.

  • Minaj

    Bulshit reasoning. In context of the story this still makes no sense. Oh and by the way, lets look at a few franchises to see what happens to sales when you piss off your fan base; DmC: Devil May Cry and Dead Space 3.

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  • Revered6

    this is like giant middle finger to all the fans!

    Petition Signed!

  • Jibed

    I see Kojima, lets reinvent the series . . . but instead of reinventing,
    actually lets just fire one guy. NO HAYTER, NO BUY.

  • Nappy

    why is the JP voice actor who played
    Naked Snake returning and David Hayter is not. The only conclusion I can
    draw from this is a great man in being unjustly fired. Logic Fail

  • ZuluNaton

    Guys, tweet at @KonamiSupport and let them know we are upset about David Hayter not being included

  • MiniMe

    Guys be sure to visit:
    https://us-support.konami.com/and show your support for David!

  • Preston

    1. Keep in mind that Metal Gear Solid V is a direct sequel to Peace Walker
    and who voiced Snake in Peace Walker?, none other than David Hayter. So no,
    story wise this does not makes sense

    2. If Kojima is truly reinventing the series, why is the Japanese voice
    actor for Snake staying the same? Either Kojima is stupid, lying or trolling
    us, but either way his reasoning makes no sense. What I see is one man, who has
    come to define a role, unjustly being fired.

    Additionally, if presuming this is in cannon with the series, no it is not a
    reinvention. (according to Konami its a squeal to Peace Walker) If Kojima
    really wanted to reinvent the series he would start from scratch. Established
    lore would not come into play.

    3. Max Payne, Raiden, and Hitman were all suppose to have voice actors
    replacing them, but due to fan outcry the publishers reconsidered. Not to
    mention in Peace Walker, Snake was supposed to be voiced by Richard Doyle but
    fans made themselves heard and David Hayter was brought back on board. Who’s to
    say the same thing could happen with MGSV?

    4. That’s fine that you don’t care but you have about 20,000 people (at the
    moment) who disagree with you. So go ahead and buy the game, buy don’t asked to
    be considered by the hardcore fans; a hardcore fan. As any way you look at this
    (story wise), it makes no sense.

    5. So no, we will not stop and we will not buy the game. Why? Because we can
    take it. Because its what needs to happen. Because sometimes Daivd Hayter
    deserves to have his faith in the fan community rewarded.

  • Deepthroat

    I’m not going to make any friends here saying this, but whether or not Kojima uses Hayter is up to Kojima and the staff in charge of the games – not up to the fans or Hayter.

    If the fans were upset that Snake doesn’t wear his bandana this time, should they petition that as well? Or that Psycho Mantis has relatively long hair and don’t like that? Hopefully most people would have answered with “of course not”. And if the 4th live action Iron Man movie didn’t have Robert Downy Jr., would you say “That’s not Iron Man!” Some people might, but those people are weird.

    Actors help bring the project to life, but they are not the creators. It would make more sense to be upset if the guy who came up with your favorite stages was no longer a part of the next MGS game.

    Those who say Hayter was “fired” also aren’t making any sense. You cannot get fired from a job you were never given. As far as the public information goes he was never given the job of Snake in MGSV. MGSV is not MGS4, or Peace Walker, or any existing title. It is a new title. Generally there are no contracts for an entire series. As long as time exists you will be

    Also I find it odd that so many people think because Ohtsuka may be back that Hayter should be as well. Although Hayter’s voice is a neat one and I think he seems like a nice guy, Hayter and Ohtsuka have incomparable experience. If Hayter focused on his voice acting career half as much as Ohtsuka, just perhaps he could have been used in the game. As a result, there seems to be a lot less of a demand for someone like Hayter to play a role in a big movie or game than there is for Ohtsuka. Of course just speculation on one possible reasoning.

    But no matter what the reasoning, it is only logical to assume that there is a reason and that the creative side decided this.

    Hayter or not, if the game is interesting it will sell, and anyone who wants to play an interesting game will buy it.
    The day a director gives in entirely to the fans is the day Metal Gear will no longer be an interesting series.

    • Menmered55

      Well obviously there is some sort of reasoning; I think the reason that you have so many fans that are pissed, is because they believe the reasoning to be utter bullshit.

    • Ziggered

      Fair enough, but you have to ask yourself. Is this truly on a creative basis?

      I protest this because I believe this has to do with Konami making a Metal Gear movie and wanting to use the same voice actor as the movie.

      This I do not intend to support.

      • ObsessedGeorge

        Well, all these years we’re begging Kojima for an MGS movie but it has never happened. Even if it did happen, i would never expect to be reflected on the MGS games itself… Damn, if what you’re saying is true, (that Konami replaced David Hayter just so they could put the movie actor to do the voice), then FUCK THE MGS MOVIE! Excuse my language.

        • Neppered


    • Leanna

      Your mistake is assuming that this is a 100% creative based medium. As the Metal Gear IP is wholly owned by KONAMI not Kojima, ultimately it is up to the board of directors to decide what will sell.

      Since the board is looking for the highest profit margin, would it not then make sense that they would want to please the existing fan base first, then second allow for creativity and progression?

      And if it is perceived that their is significant interest for a certain aspect of the game to make a comeback, why would they not want they not want to add it in.

      As a commenter above me stated, take a look at what happens to sales when you don’t please the fans; Soul Calibur V, DmC: Devil May Cry, Crysis 3, Dead Space 3, Resident Evil 6 etc. .

      Obviously there are many cases of sequels/reboots/etc. . . being done right, but that was at least partially because they were supported by the fans of the series. (See Mortal Kombat where while voice acting wasn’t important, the combat and brutality and feel of the game that had been lost in the previous few was recaptured and guess what: it sold great! – Point being these were aspects the fans considered important and because the developer delivered the fans spent money)

      So I would argue that if certain aspects are important to your existing fan base you keep these intact. This is why I am willing to bet you we will continue to see fighting and combat in the next Iron Man movie, because that is an important aspect to the fans, they are trying to please.

      Lastly, I just wanted to say, if Metal Gear was an IP wholly owned by Kojima or was funded through crowd funding, or even was being build by an indie devloper you might have a much stronger case, but as stands I strongly believe that there is a much better case for David to return than not.

      • Deepthroat

        Generally speaking, in the game industry the creative decisions are left for the creators. Of course the company executives will say things like we need this game to sell 10 million. In regards to that the people with the creative authority such as Kojima may decide something like putting MGSV on the Xbox would create a larger market – or like Ziggered above suggested: that they may be making a movie at the same time and to please a larger crowed they want to tie all these together.

        Again, all I can do right now is make assumptions as to why this was done, but I have no doubt it was a decision on the creative side in some form or another. And it may not have been their first choice, but it was probably the best choice for whatever the situation may have been.

        In regards to those other games, I think RE6 is an example of listening to the fans. The fans wanted zombies to return, to be able to walk and shoot, and to have their favorite characters (Chris, Leon, etc.) return. There were a few bad choices like having a ton of QTEs and marketing the game as a scary horror game when it was far from scary, but those things aside it was quite well done and they added a lot of what many fans had been hoping to see. And in this particular case I think having too much content, which caused some unpolished areas, despite overall being very well done.

        To end: if Hayter returns, I’m completely fine with that. But I don’t think petitioning a game because one actor changes will do anyone any good, especially in such a fragile market.

        • MissyElliot

          Unless you are a part of the Metal Gear Solid V team, you will forgive me for saying that there is no possible way of you knowing whether this was a creative decision or not.

          Second, I simply cannot believe you are actually defending Resident Evil 6! Were talking a game that has an average Meta score of around 70 (depending on the version)

          By every account I know of RE6 was a failure. It underperformed sales wise. Did not sit well with critics and was nearly universally hated by the fan community.

          It is because of this that I believe she was citing it as an example of how a franchise can go wrong.

          Lastly, if the market was as fragile as you were saying, company’s would be less inclined to take risks as they would be more inclined to ensure the money invested was made back. So moot point.

        • John

          But if the market was so fragile would it make more sense to cater to the existing fans because they are sure buy-ins? (Using that a large portion of existing fans want David Hayter back as an example)

        • Manny

          While I understand what you are saying, I still think there is a much larger case to be made for; primary pleasing the core audience, then expanding as much as possible. And if done right you can have excellent results like Tomb Raider or Mortal Kombat. Which both sell well and bring in new fans.

          The problem I see (and with a hole ton of recent games that Leanna pointed out) is that when the core audience does not like something that the development studio does in game, they loudly exclaim their hatred for the game and that dis-wades a lot of newer people from picking up the game (I think DmC: Devil May Cry and Soul Calibur V defiantly fit this mold, but all the others listed to some extent as well)

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  • Frank Jaeger

    I’m no fan of David Hayter leaving but I want to understand just what the heck Kojima was thinking in re-casting Big Boss. I’m thinking that within the game after the coma, Big Boss most practically lose his mind and become an alter ego or shadow of his former self. Maybe Kojima wanted to reflect that through the voice acting? Keep in mind that we haven’t heard the English voice acting for Ground Zeroes yet. But it wouldn’t make sense for why he would use the same voice for Ground Zeroes if that is the case. Just tossing ideas around.

    • Terminated

      You could be right, but why would Akio Ōtsuka still be voicing Snake in the Japanese version if this is true?

      • ObsessedGeorge

        Because they are re-inventing the series in a way, and they want that to be also reflected on the character’s voice. (sarcasm) 😀

    • ObsessedGeorge

      Thta’s true my friend. I insist that David Hayter voices Snake in Ground Zeroes!

    • My exact opinion.

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  • Gosh I’m soooo hyped for this game…..

    • Nileped

      True, but I would be 10x more excited if I knew David Hayter was returning

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