• iSolidus

    Would make a great poster.

  • Cantored

    Yey! Metal Gear Games that have David Hayter!

  • MissiveYou

    So we get a collection to re experience David Hayters awesome voice again! Will be like a nostalgia trip through grade middle and high school for me.

  • Indeed interesting…

  • Rayx

    so what exactly is this? a collection of all metal gears? but we already have mgs hd collection (2, 3, PW). or a remake (with twin snakes maybe?)

    • Nyxus

      No one knows yet. The name seems to imply it’s some kind of collection of the (most important) games of the series. If it’s even real that is.

      • Nyxus might wanna update the thread with this

        • Nyxus

          Yeah, made a new post about that.

  • Saf

    Maybe these will have new voices done over? Perhaps with no Hayter!? Nah! That would never happen!…. Better not!!

  • this image of Solid Snake in MGS1 in the upper right makes me wish for a full remake from ground up with this graphics =(

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