• I think it might be a movie rendered using the FOX Engine that recaps the story that focuses solely on the Snakes.

    • It says “a Hideo Kojima game”

      • Crypt

        Yeah, all the metal gear movies have that on the box.

      • Snake Eater limited edition had a 3 hours long movie running on PS2 while having “A Hideo Kojima” game on the box too 😛

  • I like this art!

  • Markos

    Wow!! this one is sooo much better!! I just hope this new collection has some extras… and PO…

    • NekkedSnake

      Agreed. Wouldn’t it be cool if people would just recognize MPO as canon instead of just bitching about it?

  • Enzo

    I kinda feel that it’s something MGO related.

  • HelpingYouLearn

    hmm 5 David Hayter’s for the price of one? I’m excited. . .

  • Iodine

    Each one reminds of different years of my life and different David Hayter quotes I would be saying constantly: long live the King

  • Hammerstien

    @DavidHayter would appreciate this

  • NekkedSnake

    This “Legacy Collection” rumor could just had something to do with the recently released MGS Social Ops (MGS SOP). I suspect this because the silhouette of Solid Snake second from left looks suspiciously like the cgi render of the Social Ops Solid Snake card here:


  • Joe

    Bring back MGO

  • logoonline pros

    nice poster design..
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