Metal Gear Rising Revengeance Ultimate Edition available now on US PSN Store

An ‘ultimate edition’ of Metal Gear Rising Revengeance can now be downloaded from PlayStation Network, for a price of  $63,99. Members of the paid service PlayStation Plus will receive a discount, they will only have to pay $44.97. The bundle contains the game, and every piece of DLC. According to Sony, this offer is only up for a limited time.

Metal Gear Rising Revengeance Raiden

From Sony’s official website:

For a limited time, download the complete Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance experience with this “Ultimate Edition”. The items included in this bundle are:
• METAL GEAR RISING: Revengeance (Full Game)
• 8 MGR Downloadable Content Items:
– VR Missions
– Jetstream Mission (Side-Story)
– Blade Wolf Mission (Side-Story)
– Cyborg Ninja Armor Skin (w/ powerful “Fox Blade”)
– METAL GEAR SOLID 4: Raiden Skin
– Commando Armor Skin
– White Armor Skin (Healing Power Increase)
– Inferno Armor Skin (Max Throwing Weapons Increase)
Experience Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance like never before. Buy it now!

This offer only applies to PlayStation 3, as it’s not available on Xbox Live. As for the PlayStation 3 version, it doesn’t seem to be available outside the US at this point.

Source: Sony

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