New pictures of Liquid and Raiden action figures

A couple of new photos of the Metal Gear Solid 2 Raiden en Metal Gear Solid Liquid Snake by Play Arts Kai have appeared online.





The figures were announced earlier this year. A release date hasn’t been mentioned yet.

Source: Hidemi Matsuzuka’s Facebook

  • PrinceHeir

    it’s funny how back then when i first saw Raiden with a mask, i though “finally we’re gonna be able to play Psycho Mantis!!!!!”

    there’s a funny story i wrote in andriasang about my impressions when i first played MGS2. it’s a long one so don’t mind if you don’t read it.

    “actually back when i played this game 10 years ago i wasn’t surprised nor shocked about it.

    but mainly because when i first saw Raiden with a mask i though”omg where gonna play as psycho mantis!!!”

    then when i saw Solid Snake goes up in the elevator i was like “he survived?? not to mention in my head was telling me so this is a this is a new guy???

    then when he went up and removed his mask i was like is this a girl?? O____O

    not to mention i played this at 9 years old while it confused the hell out of me but it was only because i skipped most of the the codec conversation.

    plus i will never forget the day when the colonel were acting crazy like “turn off you ps2″ since i have been playing the game too long.

    it literally scared the hell out me and i literally close the game and didn’t played it for awhile.

    i only got back at it when my brother force me to do it.

    so yeah after finishing the game for the first time and not knowing a lot it made me replayed the game another go but this time read all conversation and didn’t skip any cutscene and i actually understand all if not all of it.

    plus MGS2 is probably my most played game ever(played it 16 times; not even counting Substance version which was 9 times)

    played it different styles(lethal and non-lethal) collected all of the dog times, VR missions is stuck at 95.7%(can’t seem to finish MGS1 Solid Snake missions), played boss survival modes, Snake Tales etc..

    seriously people may have hated MGS2 back then(just because Solid Snake wasn’t playable for the most part) but that game was full of contents and tons of easter egss and mind fuckeds.

    only Killer 7(mind fuck part) and Deus Ex HR(replayability part) were the only close games for me that gave me those feelings.”

    • Nyxus

      Yeah, I’ve always liked MGS2, especially after I got into the series. It was actually the first MGS I beat, but I didn’t fully understand it before I played MGS1 (TTS) first.

      • PrinceHeir

        oh Twin Snakes!!

        another great game on its own right.

        i still don’t know why a lot of people hated it.

        though after seeing MGS4 shadow mosses, if kojima decides to remake MGS1(but the first two MSX comes first) they should make it similar to MGS4 Shadow Moses.

        • Nyxus

          People dislike it because it’s different, and some of the action scenes are over the top. But the fact is, this is how Kojima wanted it, he wanted the director (Kitamura) to use his own style.

  • PrinceHeir

    on another note they made MGS2 Raiden’s hair similar to Liquid(with more fuzzy look instead of straight hair from MGS2)

    i also notice that Raiden in Metal Gear Rising is looking more like a japanese with crazy cool hair instead of the plain blonde hair he had from MGS2.

    guess they’re changing the characters looks over the years huh 😛

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