Is this the next MGS game?

On the Kojima Productions Recruitment Site that just went up, a link can be found leading to ‘classified information’, urging you not to click on it. It appears as a brown envelope with a photo sticking out.

Clicking on the link will reveal a picture with artwork of Big Boss on it, with a dog standing at his side.


Notice the patch on Big Boss’ shoulder with the head of a dog on it, and a text that says ‘Diamond Dogs’. Kojima posted a picture on his Twitter showing such a patch:

Diamand Dogs is the name of an album of David Bowie, as well as a movie from 2007 about a mercenary hired to protect a group of fortune hunters in the wilderness of China. It is also the name of a science fiction story written by Alastair Reynolds. Also, mercenaries are referred to as ‘Dogs of War’. Whether it refers to one of those things or not, remains a mystery for now.

Interesting is the fact that the dog looks similar as the one in the FOX Engine demo that was revealed last E3.

What could it all mean? A new Metal Gear Solid game? One of the reasons Kojima Productions is recruiting for new staff? Hopefully more will be revealed during the Game Developers Conference next month.

Source: Kojima Productions Recruitment Site, Hideo Kojima’s Twitter

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