David Hayter posts another dubious message

Less than a day before Snake’s (new?) voice actor will be revealed during Konami’s pre-E3 show, David Hayter throws some more oil on the fire by posting another suggestive tweet.

To clarify, laryngitis is an inflammation of the larix, causing loss of voice or a hoarse voice. Naturally, he is jokingly referring to Snake’s iconic gruff sound.

We will finally find out who will voice Snake in Metal Gear Solid V tomorrow, but David Hayter posting this (after his previous tweet) on the eve of the reveal is suspicious to say the least.

Source: David Hayter Twitter

  • TheKastorian

    I have a good feeling he’ll be back 😉

  • iSolidus

    I don’t know what to believe anymore.

  • 13attle

    He was in UpAtNoon recently, he isn’t the voice actor. Or is he? Right? No?
    Oh god, I don’t know what to believe.

  • Mortal Machado

    Tomorrow people!!!!!!

  • Raiden

    I feel like Raiden in Arsenal Gear.. don’t know what to believe and what not! 😐

    • Ilja Y.

      Everythinh will be revealed in about 11 hours!

  • Solid Snakidus

    Haha David Hayter you bastard xD i just knew he’s been in on the whole ruse from the start. Hopefully David will reprise his role as Big Boss/Solid Snake!

  • Nekkedsnake

    guys if he says he’s not voicing BB but is still trolling i have a strong suspicion that he will at least be SS. that’s my take on Hayter’s two recent tweets. his comments are too close to e3 pre show TOMORROW so it’s really fishy. HAYTER FTW!!!

  • PrinceHeir

    he’s not voicing Big Boss.

    it’s definitely gonna be Solid Snake, but at the same time i don’t think Kojima would want to reveal young Solid Snake so early at this stage.

    so yes definitely gonna be Big Boss(though im already set with Akio Otsuka)

    i do hope Kojima surprises us and announce that the game would be Dual Audio(that would be GODLY)

    i do remember something that he planned for this in MGS4, but due to the difference of lip syncing in both versions it was cut off(like FFXIII, though the chinese version has japanese voice and english subs)

    in any case let’s get it on now!!!

    no another note

    im playing MGS1 on hard now for the first time in 10 years(if you don’t count Twin Snakes which i played last 2009)

    and im really surprised at myself on how i still remember the details of the coming events(the endless stairs battle, Hind D, Ocelot boss fight, Sniper Wolf battle and can use Nikita as a scouting position or weapon; didn’t use it besides scouting, where’s the fun with that?)

    but man the final battle with Liquid is really HARD.

    still haven’t finished it(will do in a couple of minutes) and i died a lot just for this section. that stupid invincibility frames are annoying and can occur at anytime(sometimes you can only do one punch and then he gets invulnerable leaving you to be a punching bag and get massive damages to you)

    and the charging attack, oh wow more than half of your health gone.

    the running animation is also bothering me since takes time to take a turn. so if you run towards him and he does the charge attack, it’s guarantee hit since you won’t have any time to side step it.

    i memorize and analyze his moves and this is really the battle of the wits. timing and precise movement as well avoiding massive damages to you.

    all in 2 minute and 30 seconds.

    have at you Snake!!

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