Kiefer will be the only Hollywood actor in MGSV, Kyle Cooper involved in the project

Kiefer Sutherland will be the only Hollywood actor used for Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain. Although Kojima may want to use more actors in future projects, for this game they will only use Kiefer. Though the actor is doing the voice and performance for Snake, his actual appearance wasn’t used due to Snake having an established look. For this reason, Snake’s facial model was made from a CG model blended with 5 or 6 actual faces to add realism.

Hideo Kojima explained this in the extended version of the GTTV interview conducted by Geoff Keighley. They talked about Kiefer Sutherland, the new technology used for the game, development decisions and more.

Kojima also confirmed Kyle Cooper’s involvement in the project, for the titles of the game, but also for ‘various other things’. Cooper has created the titles for Metal Gear games in the past.

You can read Kojima’s answers below in full (these are just the ones that are new for the extended version of the interview, for the other answers follow this link). To watch the video, go here.


Is Snake going to look like the Snake we know, or like Kiefer Sutherland?

Honestly, I wanted to capture the looks, voice, facial expressions, and movements all from a single actor. That would involve making a 3D scan of the actor’s face, then capturing that actor’s facial and vocal performance, along with their body movements and applying all of that to the character.

However, I couldn’t go that far with Snake. The reason is that fans have known Snake for over 25 years, and he has an established look. So, instead, we needed to use a CG model of Snake as a base and blended 5 or 6 different people’s actual faces on top of that to add realism.

So, the answer is “no.” Snake’s face does not look like Kiefer’s.


That said, when you’re trying to create a photorealistic world, making characters from scratch lacks reality. There’s a level of realism you can only get from an actor in his 40s who shows his years of experience in the wrinkles on his face and the subtle movements of his body. So, in the future, we may represent Snake with an actor, just like in a live-action movie, but this time we didn’t go quite that far.


How did it go when you first met him?

Well, I got the recommendation to use Kiefer from Avi Arad, and although Kiefer himself has never really played the games before, he mentioned that his stepsons had played Metal Gear. From that, he knew about MGS and its background. That made things much easier, and talks went smoothly.


How are you collaborating with him on this game?

I can’t talk too much about Kiefer’s collaboration on MGSV right now. But, I can say that I am also collaborating with other big names such as Kyle Cooper. He is participating in MGSV as well, and is helping us with not only the title design, but various other things as well. I believe we are coming up with something really special.


Are you going to have other Hollywood actors working on the game, or just Kiefer and voice actors?

Well, this time around, it’s just Kiefer. But hopefully in the future, we will have something on an even bigger scale. Ideally, I want to do full performance capture. We would scan the actors in 3D, and use their voices, facial expressions, and bodily movements. Unfortunately, we couldn’t do that for this game, but for future games I would love to cast more Hollywood actors and have them act as their own characters. That would be more efficient and would also add more depth to the game.


I think that game development from this point on will change significantly. It’s no longer about hand-modeled characters and animations with voice-over applied. That’s a thing of the past.

For example, in the old days, if there was a scene where Snake was worried about you, he would need to say “Geoff, are you OK?” in order to express that thought and concern, because back then we didn’t have facial expressions… or even faces! But now, instead of saying “Are you OK?” technology allows us to just say “Geoff”, and convey the message effectively through facial expressions, movements, and tone of voice. However, in order to achieve that, you need an actor capable of expressing all of that depth with his face, voice, and body performance. The technology now allows acting to take center stage, so that’s the direction we’re taking.


How is development going on Metal Gear Solid V?

It’s a very big game, so there is a massive amount of things we need to create, and we are fighting through it right now. It’s a tough schedule, but things are moving forward as planned, despite the many difficulties we are running into. We’re doing all we can to create the best game possible.


Source: GTTV Extended Hideo Kojima Interview

  • solidmatt

    The more I read about the reasons to replace Hayter, the less sense it makes. If the details of Sutherland’s face aren’t being incorporated into the image, what makes his performance so special? If the Japanese voice actor’s voice can be dubbed into the game, why can’t Hayter’s?

    Many people on this site have pointed out over the months that the sudden change in voice makes no sense in terms of the established narrative of the series. And right now, given what’s been said, I’m having a hard time seeing the switch to Sutherland as anything other than a publicity stunt.

    • Digital Knight

      Could not agree more! whats so special about Sutherland performance? and
      why cant they just dub in Hayters voice like the Japanese VA? I dont
      know about you (or MGS fans in general) but I really do smell something
      fishy going on with KojiPro :l

      • Goldberg

        You guys should really start a support group. You’re obviously in the first stages of grief. I promise, you’ll get through this together.

        • petition
          • Jesus

            Yeah cause online game petitions work. Not one, ever has made an impact. Grow up.

          • Hampton

            lol a petition? It’s going to be OK, kids. Relax. The game is gonna be tight and the new voice is in some ways going to be better than Hayter’s due to the ACTING. Hayter had more of the VOICE, but his acting was a little questionable. Don’t get me wrong, Hayter is the man and I would prefer him to keep voicing, but hey, changes always happen and this is a good one.

          • Hampton

            this is stupid.

      • Demerzel

        Sutherland is much better actor than Hayter. That’s all. They need someone that can make a GOOD performance.

        • SiliconNooB

          Kiefer Sutherland only knows how to act like Kiefer Sutherland.

    • Nyxus

      Capturing facial features, body and voice at the same time yields different results. That’s why more and more story driven games start doing that. Yes, they could dub Hayter’s voice in, like they do in Japan, but it would not give the same results. Kojima wants to go for ultimate realism in this regard, to make Snake more like a real person.

      • solidmatt

        well what’s more realistic– a slight disparity between lip movement and speech or someone’s voice inexplicably transforming in the space of a few months?

      • benbenkr

        So then the Japanese Snake would look less realistic then because Otsuka’s voice is a dub? lol.

        • Nyxus

          I’m just repeating the reasons Kojima Productions have given. I can’t judge those things yet before I have seen the cutscenes of both versions myself.

    • Enzo

      It’s for the movie they’re trying to make. It’s real simple.

  • argh

    “established look”.. what about his established voice? Come on.. we know and love Snake with Hayters voice! the explanations dont make sense. hayter could have done, too! why do we need hollywood actors? most people dont even care

    • Jesus

      Whaaaaaaaaaa, obviously some people care. Look at the comments, these people cry and post on the internet, start ridiculous petitions… Looks like they care to me. But in reality your all babies who cant accept the fact that change has happened. Move on, your life is not ruined because a different actor is voicing a character in a video game. It’s pretty fuckin ludicrous once I see it all spelled out. LMAO no hope for the human race.

      • Hampton

        I can’t stop laughing at those who are saying they are never buying a MGS game again and the new voice ruined the franchise. lol, go smoke a blunt people and chill the eff out!

  • Ricardo Oe

    Go Ahead Kojima Productions…
    You are innovative, and this post is the best in the world of games.
    Kojima to me , is the guy…

  • PrinceHeir

    ” but for future games I would love to cast more Hollywood actors and have them act as their own characters. That would be more efficient and would also add more depth to the game.”

    lol does this mean more games?

    MGSV last game? oh kojima you.

    oh well it seems the english version is now the official version for MGSV.

    shame the JPN will have lip-sync problems like MGR.

    buying both versions so it doesn’t matter.

    can’t wait for full trailer in june 12!

    • Nyxus

      He could be talking about other IPs as well. But I doubt this will be his last MGS game anyway.

    • Hampton

      next trailer is coming June 12?? Hell yea!

  • Hampton

    Yea we’re all gonna miss Hayer’s voice of Snake, but get over it. Hideo has NEVER made a crappy MGS game and I don’t expect this one to bomb. It’s going to be good and it’s not like he got some random voice actor, he got KEIFER SUTHERLAND! The dude has an awesome voice that fits Snake. it’s like, “Yea, it’s not Hayter, but I can totally see why this voice fits the character of Snake/Big Boss”

    Peititions don’t work and they are useless. Lol. In the Phantom Pain gameplay demo, you can hear Big Boss voiced as Sutherland a bit and it sounds awesome.

    And I can’t stop laughing at all the idiots sayin’ “i’m not going to buy this game!” Ok, you’re really gonna affect game sales and the epicness of this story and game.

    I can’t wait to hear Jack Bauer kick some ass solid-style.

    • ObsessedGeorge

      Couldn’t have said it better myself.

  • metalgearish

    Metal Gear is finished for me.

  • Joseph

    It’s most appropriate to release the next trailer on June 12th because that day will mark exactly 15 after the release of MGS1

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