Hideo Kojima is in LA for E3

Hideo Kojima has arrived in Los Angeles for E3 2013, which begins tomorrow on June 10th.


‘Yoji & Chris’

Yoji Shinkawa and Ken Imaizumi seem to be accompanying him on his travels. For this occasion, Kojima equipped his iPhone with the Diamond Dogs bumper.



Kojima is expecting a lot of excitement for this year’s expo.

The fact that Kojima is attending E3 seems to suggest he will make an appearance at one of the conferences, possibly Sony’s or Microsoft’s. In any case, we know Kojima Productions will have more things to show, as was announced on their podcast, and a trailer for Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain should be released during E3 as well.


Today, Kojima went to the Kojima Productions studio in Los Angeles to see how things are going.

Regardless of what’s going to happen exactly, this should be an interesting week for Metal Gear fans.

Source: Hideo Kojima’s Twitter

  • Golgari

    Imagine if Kojima makes an appearence at Sony’s Press conference with 5 minutes trailer that will blow your mind (even if you are not Metal Gear fan) after that he makes an announcement that the game is coming multiplatform but PS4 will be exclusive with next gen (1080p resolution, high-end textures and next gen effects.)

    Mind blown. Oh yeah. 😀

    • Nyxus

      That would be awesome.

    • Erick Mattos

      I would cry manly tears. Manly baby tears… PLEASE MAKE THIS HAPPEN KOJIMA! I’m thinking; MGO NEXT GEN to be displayed and a 15 minute or more trailer of MGSV!

    • ObsessedGeorge

      If this happens, then goodbye PS3 version!

  • PrinceHeir

    i would really be surprised if Kojima announce another secret game(the taboo game or Ogre)

    or even a resurrection of Zone of the Enders 3 with Platinum Games developing and Kojima writing along with his team and the godly art of Shinkawa 🙂

    that would be one of the best announcements ever!!!!

    • Batzi

      taboo game = Project Ogre = The Phantom Pain

  • Mortal Machado

    This is going to be wait for it…..legendary!!!!!

  • Nintendo Fan 4 Lif3

    Can’t wait tomorrow..E3 is finally here-technically later today- and so excited for what’s in store.

  • Joseph

    It is most appropriate to release the next trailer on June 12th because that day will mark exactly 15 after the release of MGS1

    • Batzi

      MGS4 5th anniversary. MGS1 was not released on June 12th.

  • DK

    MGSV next-gen version announced!

    • Markos

      Snake killing Chico?!? Blood diamonds?!?! That sexy sniper?!?!? Damn, this looks sooo good!!

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