Kojima didn't tell his executives about the heavy theme in MGSV

One thing that’s especially clear after Metal Gear Solid V’s red band trailer, is that this game is going to be very heavy and serious. Torture, child soldiers, graphic scenes, racial themes, it looks like they will all be prominent in this next installment. According to Kojima, he simply never told the Konami executives about the heavy theme of ‘race’.


During an interview with Computer and Videogames, the game director explained this is a story he wanted to tell. He wanted this game to be about more than simply shooting.

“I wanted to make a game with a deep theme and change the industry. So we went and made a game that most suited the story that I wanted to tell.”

Kojima has stated earlier he does have concerns about whether this game will actually get made due to the taboos. ‘We’ll see what happens’, he said in this interview.

Source: Computer and Videogames

  • Deep Throat ;]

    If he was so worried about it not being made and so adamant, he should have step-aside and started a kickstarter. He would probably get however much he asks for. I do wonder just how much of Mr. Kojima’s freedom was limited during the development of the games.

    • Nyxus

      Doesn’t the Metal Gear IP belong (partially) to Konami though?

      • Deep Throat ;]

        Yeah true, but surely he could kickstart it through Konami?

        • Fredy Carius

          it doesn’t make any sense to do a kickstarter through Konami. And if he did it by himself, he couldn’t use the IP, nor he would get the amout of money he uses to make these games (much more than 3, 4 million people get in KS)

  • PrinceHeir

    i thought Kojima is Vice President of Konami?

    in any case, i don’t think he needs to worry about executives not publishing the game.

    it’s the only Konami series they have been banking for a long with Lords of Shadows and FES.

    Konami nowadays would be dead without Kojima.

    • Nyxus

      Pretty much, and I’m sure Kojima has a lot of influence. Which is why he’s able to do something like this (he hasn’t been stopped by Konami so far at least).

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