New Metal Gear Online currently in development

Just a few days ago Kojima Productions stated they didn’t have anything to announce concerning Metal Gear’s multiplayer component Metal Gear Online. But now Kojima has confirmed it is actually in development, both in the Kojima Productions LA studio, and in the Japan studio. The two studios are working together to create ‘a vast multiplayer for the fans’.

Metal Gear Online

Whether it will be included with Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain, or distributed separately remains to be seen.

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  • PrinceHeir

    for me change the gameplay system.

    i really don’t like the lock-on BS.

    let us aim for ourselves please.

    i know you can do that, but remove the auto lock on

    take notes from Uncharted MP, where you actually aim and shoot for yourselves.

    make the sensitivity adjust to various level of degrees.

    take notes from Resident Evil Mercenaries and use characters from older past games(like Social Ops and Portable Ops+)

    seriously i’ve been dying to play Old Snake and Big Boss together in one team.

    • EnderMX

      You must not have played MGO that much. The lock-on system was such a small part of the game, and if anything, it was a skill within itself. Please, take it from someone with countless hours of online play, Lock-on/Auto-aim was rarely used by any of the good players and none of the good players were good because of it.

      • PrinceHeir

        not really, i’ve seen alot of people use lock on especially at corner kills.

        i also hate the box switch tricks, seriously they need to add an animation of the character putting the box instead of instantly switching.

        it definitely cheapens out the battle and just shows who is the fastest that can switch in battle.

        i want more teamwork focus, and remove the invincibility frames during headshots.

        seriously i don’t know why konami didn’t patched that out

        • EnderMX

          Auto-aim was only effective if you found yourself within a really close range unexpectedly, otherwise it was much easier to headshot. Also, box switch tricks? I’m sorry, I really don’t mean to sound like a know-it-all about MGO, but no one used the box to evade since around early 2010. Once again, it’s not my intention to sound like a douche, I just don’t want a really good game to get a bad name for the wrong reasons.

          I fully agree that the rag-doll desync physics and invincibility frames really needed to be sorted out, they should have patched it within weeks after launch. This brings me to my biggest issue with the previous iteration of MGO, which was glitchers, and the lack of support from Konami with dealing with the glitchers. Official modes were ruined for the last 2 years because of cheating through network connection manipulation and the well-timed DDOSing of the servers to ensure a cheating team won each time.

          This may also be moot point now as the development is done in the LA studio, but Konami can not be as region-biased as last time. There were far too many exclusive events and items for the Japanese region only, leaving the other two regions in the dark. This stems from my previous point of lack of support from Konami.

          Anyway, here is to hoping for a brighter future.

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