Metal Gear Solid V has a big surprise for the players

If there’s one thing Kojima likes to do in his games, it’s surprising the player with unexpected moments and out-of-the-box game design. Breaking the fourth wall or using the medium to communicate the message like in Metal Gear Solid 2 are just some examples. CVG asked Kojima during their E3 interview if he’s planning to do something like that in Metal Gear Solid V. Kojima replied:

“We do have a big surprise for the players in this game. We have challenged and pushed ourselves with something that movies can’t do but only games can do. It hasn’t been done before.”

Source: Computer and Videogames

  • PrinceHeir

    i wonder more mind fuck things like The End Sniping you when waking up, Psycho Mantis antics, Nightmare from MGS3

    in any case i can’t wait 😀

    i think the surprise will probably at the end where Big Boss saw both Solid and Liquid Snake as soldier and will raise them to the next game.

    in any case i can’t wait for it!!!

  • PrinceHeir

    also the MGS Japanese cast 😀

    try to guess who is which?


    from top left

    Kenyū Horiuchi(Raiden), Akio Otsuka(Snake), Kojima, Tomokazu Sugita(Kaz Miller),

    Nana Mizuki(Paz), Kikou Inoue(The Boss, Sunny, Rose, Chico)

    Raiden in MGSV????

    • Dhruv Rajyagor

      Possible. Raiden AND Drebin were both child soliders in Africa, so it’s possible they could be in the game. This is, Raiden was in Liberia while Drebin was in Uganda.

      So the question is; where in Africa does MGSV take place?

      Bigger question, MGSV takes place in Cuba, Afghanistan, and somewhere in Africa. Being that it’s open-world, we don’t know HOW open the open-world is, meaning would it be COMPLETELY open world, or would it be divided into multiple sections like Tomb Raider?

  • o1striker

    You know when Kojima says something like that its gonna be big and true.

  • Firebrand-X

    I could imagine the surprise being that you spend the entire game building a base after taking over the Outer Heaven government…. Then in the epilogue of the game, you will play as Solid Snake (played by David Hayter) and infiltrate the base you created in a quasi-remake of MG1. I know the likelihood of this is slim to none but it would be an awesome addition to the game that would surprise a lot of people.

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