Some new MGSV info: the bipedal mech will be playable

In episode 315 of the Japanese Kojima Productions Podcast, some new Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain details were discussed.

Kojima confirmed hat the character that has a package extracted from her body in the trailer, is indeed Paz. Also, the kid who is helping with the surgery is Chico (the same person that’s in the cage in Ground Zeroes). The podcast was censored with beep sounds, but in between them Kojima mentioned Strangelove (a character from Peace Walker whom we haven’t heard about since) and the children with diamonds that are in the trailer, who are connected to a certain mission.


Kojima also confirmed that the mech that appears at the very end of the extended trailer will be playable in the game, but he didn’t provide any further details on this.

Source: MetalGearSolid.beKP Japanese Podcast 315

  • GamingBolt

    Are you sure it’s Paz?

    • Vic Boss

      “Kojima confirmed hat the character that has a package extracted from her body in the trailer, is indeed Paz.”

    • Nyxus

      Yes, they also confirmed this on the English podcast.

  • Hiloxam

    I know this off topic Nyx but everytime I tried to make a post on the forum I was getting this

    The search term you have entered is too short. Please try a search of 3 characters or more.
    Error Code: 24010:6008102

    so i logged out, then tried to log in and it returned the same error

    • Fredy Carius

      same here

    • Nyxus

      It might be the new search bar that is causing this. I’ll remove it, as it wasn’t working anyway.

  • Nintendo Fan 4 Lif3

    Man, still need to play PeaceWalker, which I’m sure is pretty long, so hopefully doesn’t come out in a year so that I have time. Is Chico’s presence in the cage something to do with the ending of Peacewalker and the fate of Paz cuz if it is, I’ll just play the game and then try to find out more about The Phantom Pain?

    • Nyxus

      Not really, but I would advice to play PW anyway.

  • PrinceHeir

    Strangelove is back!!!!!!

    want to see her more engaging!!!

  • Blank

    The mech is playable? THANK YOU!

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