Kojima on the reveal of MGSV, development, Snake’s voice and MGS movie

In an interview with Game Reactor conducted during E3 2013, Kojima talked about the development of Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain, the way it was revealed to the public, and the recasting of Snake.

Kojima explained that initially, they didn’t want to reveal Ground Zeroes at the time that they did, but since it was the 25th Anniversary of the series, they felt that they needed to show something new. That’s why they showed Fox Engine and Ground Zeroes at that time.


He also thought that at that time there wasn’t much movement in gaming in terms of technology. They chose to show the Fox Engine guerilla style, using the Moby Dick Studios and The Phantom Pain. It got a lot of response on social media such as Twitter, so Kojima feels it was a good experiment. Also, as mentioned before, he wanted to see how the Fox Engine would be received without the Metal Gear name attached to it. The Phantom Pain was first shown at the VGAs, and Kojima had to tell the producer it was actually Metal Gear in order to get the trailer into the programme. But this producer was the only person who knew about it.

Kojima was glad to see the trailer receive the kind of buzz that it did, even without people knowing it was Metal Gear. Also, the people who were deciding wether it should be in the programme for the VGAs didn’t know it was Metal Gear either, and they still chose to include it. Kojima feels honored by this.


The open world aspect makes this a huge project to develop, according to Kojima. The Fox Engine is designed to make the development process more efficient to compensate for this. Of course, this changes the gameplay significantly, as well as the way the story is told, as Kojima talked about before. It isn’t told in a linear fashion anymore, but through information that the player gathers himself.

Kojima also talked a little about the recasting of Snake’s voice. He said he already explained the reason behind this in the Konami pre-E3 video. According to him, it was nothing like when Sean Connery was replaced by Roger Moore as James Bond. The new technology employed to bring Snake to life required a different skill set from the actor, due to performance capture it went from just voice acting to delivering a full performance.

Since its announcement last summer, hardly any information on the Metal Gear Solid movie has been released. Given the fact that most video game based movies tend to be bad, some fans are worried this movie will meet the same fate. During the interview session, a fan said to Kojima that he shouldn’t allow the Metal Gear Solid movie to be made, as it would never live up to the games. But Kojima answered he aims to make sure it will be a great experience.

Metal Gear Movie Avi Arad

Kojima and producer Avi Arad announcing the Metal Gear Solid movie

The movie is being produced by Avi Arad, and Kojima said they will probably cast an unknown actor for Solid Snake’s role rather than a big Hollywood star. Other than that, little is known about the movie.

Source: Game Reactor

  • Ilja Y.

    A very interesting theory of Gray Fox being a double of Big Boss.

    • Nyxus

      It’s an interesting theory, but I still think it’s just Big Boss. 😛

    • ObsessedGeorge

      Oh, please, not you too. This has to be the stupidest theory that has been ever created. Can you believe those guys that made the video? It’s a joke.

      • DiamondDogs1

        It’s not THAT bad now. He DID provide some solid evidence and points in the video. Don’t exaggerate.

        • ObsessedGeorge

          Please post the evidence that you think is solid so that i can tell you my opinion on these.

    • Jon

      A very interesting video of why this theory is stupid and a “New Snake” is the lamest twist fans could of come up with.

      • PytHoN

        And here’s the reply video to the counter-video you linked.

        Why is the New Snake theory lame? Because we’re not used to playing with other characters and not Snake right? Just like in MGS2?

        • solidmatt

          Python–I enjoy your videos greatly. I find your evidence for the body double persuasive. But I’m not convinced it’s Gray Fox. You leave out the most obvious person to be this double (which includes major reconstructive surgery): DECOY OCTOPUS.

          One little clue Kojima might be giving us that nods in this direction is the Seiko watch worn by Snake. It comes from a Bond film from 1983. Its title: Octopussy.

    • Nacrois

      There’s some points that are wrong but its a very interesting theory.

  • o1striker

    Don’t understand why metal gear even needs a movie. It will probably lose itself and become just another hollywood action movie thanks to the mainstream.

  • Bob Obb

    “The Phantom Pain was first shown at the VGAs, and Kojima had to tell the
    producer it was actually Metal Gear in order to get the trailer into the

    That’s just depressing.

  • annoyed gamer

    he doesn’t give a fuck about the english voice. “it can be replaced.” fuck this! why don’t you replace the japanese ‘james bond’.. 🙁

    • PrinceHeir

      lol why would he replaced the japanese?

      he already explained it in the past interviews, look it up

    • Jon

      Butthurt Alert! 99.99

    • rekward

      another guy bitching about Hayter not getting his candy ….

  • solidmatt

    FYI I’ve started a blog devoted to tracking and contributing to MGS conspiracy theories: http://mgsconspiracy.blogspot.com/ I’ll be updating it regularly so please stop by and check it out

    • Nyxus

      That’s a pretty cool idea, I also remember when PW and Rising were announced using the teaser site, people said Raiden was Sunny and Big Boss was Otacon or Akiba. More based on looks than anything else, but still.

      • solidmatt

        Thanks. I thought it would be good if we fans could have a reference for this sort stuff that documents it as well as a place where fans could sound-off and contribute.

  • Joseph

    I agree on not making a MGS film, it would just not have the experience as the games do. MGS4 alone had 8 hours of cutscenes

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