Kojima looking for a studio to remake Metal Gear Solid using Fox Engine

It seems that there are plans to remake Metal Gear Solid using the Fox Engine. This was announced by Kojima during an E3 2013 interview in response to a fan question.

Kojima said he is in the process of looking for a studio that can adapt the first game to the Fox Engine, noting that some of the mechanics would need updating.


Kojima talked earlier about putting an outside studio on remaking Metal Gear Solid, but this is the first time he mentions the Fox Engine. In any case, plans for it still seem to be there.

Update: Kojima clarifies Metal Gear Solid remake comments

Source: Game Reactor

  • Robert Gittings

    I hope this is true and hope it’s a damn sight better than the Gamecube exclusive MGS: Twin Snakes remake. MGS1 is the first game I played on PS1.

    • ZenTzen

      me too man, it was that one and then FF VII and VIII

  • mgs_lover

    I just love this game, this is gonna give me a heart attak !

  • Markos

    What about 1 and 2?!? Man, i’m so confused… I love and hate the guy at the same time…

  • Viper

    For this game. I want David Hayter as solid snake.

    After this. I want Metal Gear 1&2 remake.

    • Hirouakan

      I’d prefer if it went like this:
      Metal Gear Solid V, then a remake of MG1&2 (in one game).
      This way it would finaly “link” the two sagas, and then a remake of Solid 1.
      Then i would die happy. No need for a new Metal Gear with Big Boss and Solid Snake as well, they deserve to rest in peace.

      • ZenTzen

        and preferably that MG1 and 2 in one game by kojima so that he can improve story, everything, etc

  • Eioneus

    Platinum Games, Planitum Games, Platinum Games, 60 fps, 60 fps, 60 fps!!! please please please!! 😀 😀 😀

    • U wot m8?

      Platinum games would be a terrible choice as they specialise in a completely different genre of games.

      We don’t want ‘Metal Gear May Cry’ or ‘Raidenetta’

      We want MGS.
      I think Ubisoft (Assasin’s Creed and Splinter Cell) may be ok, but I think it should really stay with Konami.

      • Eioneus

        I don’t think that the only type of game Platinum Games is able to do is a fast action paced game. They come from Capcom, forged Clover Studio (made amazing games like Okami and Viewtiful Joe), I’m sure they’re able to do a MGS1 remake triple AAA.

        Besides if Silicon Knights was able to do it.. It’s impossible for any Japanese studio to ruin the game.

    • タイガー&ドラゴン

      Lol, no. They would ruin it.

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  • asdfghjklmnop02

    They should leave this game alone, jesus it doens’t need 2 remakes. If people thought TTS made the game easy, wait for what this will do to it

  • Freesun4

    Why Metal Gear Solid 1 though? Why not the original Metal Gear that so little people know and MGSV is trying to lead to?

    • unknowncast

      Some are thinking that is the plan. Perhaps more more important then doing MGS but still want it to happen in a short time.

    • Bob Obb

      It’s a lot easier to remake a 3D game. I’m against remakes in general though, I’d much rather see what The Boss was up to.

  • JHuang

    two thing i hope not to happen (platinum game because we can see why in mgr), (Ubisoft because of splinter cell battle in between they do make good game but i dont think they story take me away like kojima’s mind do )

    • Ferrick

      but mgs is not meant to be action based, so why would they look to platinum in the first place? MGR is another thing because it WAS meant to be action based, not stealth

      • JHuang

        im just saying LOLOL it was sad when kojima ask PG to take over mgr

        • Ferrick

          well it was either that or permanent cancellation of it, since Kojima himself stated that he had no idea on where to take the whole system, he got the concept down but not the implementation, but he couldn’t do it, so PG came and helped Kojipro with the gameplay, while the storyboard was still kojima’s

          • JHuang

            kojima was never in the metal gear rising project he was working on peace walker and ground zero it was all from his team game play designer is from PG storyboard is from kojima’s team NOT kojima

          • Ferrick

            hahahaha, you’re so funny, but not on the part where you say funny jokes or something but more on the part where you have absolutely no clue on how wrong you are.

            yeah, we’re done here

          • JHuang

            wow nice discussion asshole if im wrong then correct me dont be a dick about it this is a metal gear solid discussion not a fight

        • PrinceHeir

          lol don’t be mad Rising turn out to be an excellent game than the original concept.

          and why the hate with Rising nowadays? seriously it’s not even a main game, but a more side game that uses the universe of the main games and possible a “what if” outcomes.

          Metal Gear Rising is the best action game that has been released this generation along with Bayonetta(and soon to be Bayonetta 2), Ninja Gaiden II, and Devil May Cry 4

          • JHuang

            i dont hate metal gear rising is a fun game but maybe is because of metal gear i was expecting better story because i am a film maker myself i dont think mgr’s story was so great….

      • Eioneus

        They did an action game with MGR because they were asked to do an action game!! I’m sure the people at platinum are artist capable of doing any type of work (just look at Okami for instance)

  • Big Boss

    remake of MGS 3 SNAKE EATER

    • MrDeedsly .

      I’m sure you got it already but the HD remake with Sons of Liberty is good. Comes with Metal Gear 1&2 and Peace-Walker.

  • Grwgoski

    I’d prefer a mg1 and 2 remake more than anything. Metal gear solid has already been remade and silicon knights didn’t do a bad job at all, I honestly don’t think It needs it tbh.

    • unknowncast

      That’s the theory everyone is going for in why TPP is on consoles instead of Vita.

      My theory is he is training his studio one last time before moving to something else while the others can make a game on their own.

  • Aza

    Naughty Dog ….make it playstation exclusive like the old days they know how to balance stealth n action play the last of us and see

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  • Jon

    Stop beating around the bushes and do the ones that actually need the remake/re-imagining: MG and MG2:SS!

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  • PrinceHeir

    a remake of Metal Gear 1 and 2 from MSX with MGSV scale as one game would be badass!!

    Solid Snake vs Big Boss or Gray Fox vs Solid Snake in 1080p 60FPS please!

    i also want them to scrap Peace Walker and combine it with Portable Ops story, but that’s probably too late for that.

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  • wimpykid456

    Retro Studios should remake it.

  • janxfury911

    a remake for twin snakes still love to play the first mgs.

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