In Metal Gear Solid V, the player can choose between life and death for certain characters

Metal Gear Solid V’s story will adapt to the choices of the player. In an interview Kojima shed some light on how the freedom in the game works.

The player can play missions, serving as kind of episodes in the story, in the order he wants, and the story will adapt naturally to that. Within these episodes, choices can be made. At certain moments, the player will be able to decide between life and death for certain characters, and what follows depends on his actions. But, when developing this system they need to be careful not to create time paradoxes in the story, since there are games before and after this one and the story needs to stay coherent to the overall storyline.


The E3 trailer focused mainly on ways for Snake to move through the environment, but there will also be plenty of new gadgets and items in the game that Snake can use during his missions. He will have to use them if he wants to become even better.

The themes of race and vengeance are at the heart of the game. Kojima has been discussing child soldiers since MGS2, but this time he wanted to go further. He doesn’t ask himself if these topics are taboo, because they are part of the story, so he has to talk about it. With PS4 and Xbox One, he can advance the story and better convey his messages. He hopes that there is a place for games with topics such as these.


Kojima always creates installments in the series with the idea that it will be the last one, and he closes of the story arc of the character, wether it’s about Solid Snake or Big Boss. He has been saying that it will be his last game for a while, but it seems that he can’t abandon Metal Gear. But even if he did, he will be certain Konami will continue the series.

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  • MrVux007

    so that we are looking is an immersion of Mass effect and MGS ….. KOJIMA you clever,clever man i love you

    • Nyxus

      It reminds me of MGS1, where Meryl could live or die, resulting in different endings. But maybe it will be more like Portable Ops, where you could choose to kill or spare a boss, and he would join your ranks if you let him live.

      • Dhruv Rajyagor

        I never played Portable Ops, but I really wanted to. Is it a good game? Also, can you explain why it isn’t in the Legacy Collection? Kinda confused on that.

        • Jesse

          Because its status in the canon is doubtful, and it”s not really that great of a game. It’s a good work break game, but it has numerous flaws.

          • Dhruv Rajyagor

            Interesting. Anyways, thanks for the opinion 🙂

        • Hirouakan

          The game is nice, not Metal Gear level, but almost. It’s simply because of the limitations of the psp.
          Also, they chose to go for the Subsistence camera model, wich is a nightmare to play with without a second analog stick.
          If the game had the MGS1 perspective, with a radar similar to the Soliton Radar, it would be perfect.

          Seriously, the camera almost makes the game unplayable…

          • Nekkedsnake

            Agreed on the MPO camera. It just kinda faces you where snake is facing so its nearly impossible to strafe. I’ve found tho that you can remap all the buttons to your liking and I’ve tried to mimic PW shooter scheme using the face buttons as a 2nd analog. It works to a point. But u really need to mess with it a lot to find a configuration you like. Took me a while but I did it!

          • PrinceHeir

            lol not Metal Gear Level?

            it’s 10x better than Peace Walker in terms of story and mechanics.

            even the complex buildings and map design are much better than one linear straight jungle.

            the only problem is the hardware limitations and control issues.

            if it had Peace Walker’s budget and marketing, people would love the game even more.

          • Hirouakan

            The camera itself is why i think it’s not Metal Gear level. I managed to finish the game, but it was infuriating when i was caught because i couldn’t where the enemies were. I literally spent hours messing with the controls, trying to find a better setup, with no success. And having to drag the soldiers all the way to the truck or a comrade was a pain too.

            Agreed, the story is better than Peace Walker, but simply because it moves the events of the series foward, in wich PW feels like a filler story. The characters aren’t writen as well as they are in PW, IMO.

            But in terms of mechanics, i have to disagree. Though PW was kinda simplistic, it was a blast to collect soldiers, improve the weapons and mother base, etc. The crazy side missions as well. I spent more than 500h playing, it was fun as hell.
            It felt like a console game on the psp. The only lacking was bigger maps like PO and random enemy patrol routes.

            If PO had been ported with the HD Collection as well, then, yes, it would do justice to it. Another analog stick would change everything, and texture updates would be nice too.

          • PrinceHeir

            i do agree the controls needed a little bit of work.

            even aiming first person is a pain in the ass.

            and yes the dragging mechanic of recruiting can be tedious.

            but that’s the only thing Peace Walker expanded upon.

            for me the characters are better in Portable Ops.

            only Strangelove and Kaz are the ones i like.

            i mean just watch this


            Big Boss actually has a motive on taking the mission.

            Peace Walker he’s been blinded by his obsession with The Boss.

            while in Portable Ops he’s much calmer and while he is still confuse about the death of her, he’s not willing to live the life the way The Boss did, which in Peace Walker did a 180 turn.

            the only thing i didn’t like is how the hell did Sokolov survived that torture by Volgin(unless he doesn’t have any limbs any more), but man seeing Gene toying Big Boss is just pure awesome.

            never seen Big Boss got scared as hell, Gene doesn’t even need to move in order to attack Big Boss.

            Words are enough to frightened any soldier

            Gene is worthy as the successor of The Boss.

            such a shame though, i would have like the successor plot to be more fully establish instead of the random AI thingy in Peace Walker.

            didn’t make any sense watsoever, and why the hell is Peace Walker the BIGGEST mech we have ever seen in the series?

            i mean as more we get to the prequels, the more technological advance it seems.

            in any case it’s just a shame Portable Ops is being left to dust.

            even the music is so Snake Eater like(Norihiko Hibino)

            oh well at least Peace Walker has tons of new weapons to play with and all.

          • Nekkedsnake

            As much as I love PW I didn’t like that every boss fight was with a mech. No human or supernatural bosses like a typical mgs game with character exposition. And even as refined as PW’s mother base system is compared to PO at least PO had variety when capturing enemies. U could distinguish between an officer, soldier, technician, or medic. PW had em all masked. Only illustrations in the mother base menu differentiated the comrades. Also, crawling was removed in PW. no vents or ducts to crawl thru. No way to hide under trucks.

          • Hirouakan

            Agreed on the soundtrack as well. Both games have wonderful tracks, but PO has the better soundtrack, IMO.

            To resume, PO had much potential. It got limited by the psp restrictions when it was released. PW got the upper hand with better controls and refined (although a little dumbered) mechanics. Also i recall the vehicle missions being a pain in the ass :b

            So Kojima should really consider porting PO to the consoles, with HD treatment. With a second analog stick and better textures, it would be better than PW.

          • Nekkedsnake

            I’ve said the same thing before about PW marketing. If PO had the same amount of marketing as PW did things might be very different in its reputation. PW was marketed to death and all those in game tie ins with Sprite, Doritos, those curry rations. Plus UNIQLO shirts. PO had none of that. Just a few trailers saying “missing link of Outer Heaven.”

          • PrinceHeir

            yes i agree.

            i was even surpised Peace Walker had doritos and other various merchandise.

            not sure if those were invented during the 1970s.

            yeah, but the Portable Ops trailer is amazing.

            i still remember it last 2006 especially this one.

            the music is also amazing!!

            alas this is the last motiff we heard, shame it won’t come back due to “copyright” issues.


          • La-Li-Lu-Le-Lo

            Doritos has been around since 1964.

        • PrinceHeir

          probably because Kojima just wanted his games only for the collection.

          which is kinda BS since im pretty sure he didn’t do all of the games by himself(it is a collaboration with different people)

          in any case Portable Ops is canon.

          reference from MGS4(paintings, OST, database), Peace Walker(main plot; hint coldman), base mechanics and recruiting etc.

          Kojima just doesn’t want to acknowledge it because he didn’t directed it(only supervise) even though it’s much better than Peace Walker.

        • Nyxus

          I think it’s a good game, yeah. And it isn’t in the Legacy Collection because it isn’t made by Hideo Kojima like the other games are.

    • Nekkedsnake

      I thought the same about MGSV and how it sounds like its going down Mass Effect route. I wouldn’t mind trying to play this way. I’m interested to see how story really gets effected due to our choices.

      I remember in MGS3 when we first meet young Ocelot and after a CQC slam he’s knocked out. On one play through I wanted to see what would happen if I just shot him while he was asleep hahahah. Imagine we kill Eli(quid)??

      TIME PARADOX!!!!!

  • Bob Obb


    • Nam Fury

      i know that feel bro ;_;

  • Nintendo Fan 4 Lif3

    I honestly hate this approach already. Personally, I hated in MGS1 where you had to choose whether Meryl lives or dies because that’s pointless to me as the gamer that wants the story, not me doing the developer’s job as if he couldn’t decide for himself. If you really can choose who lives or dies, then it will just ultimately confuse new players and veterans since no one will know how everything in the game actually connects to the other games in the series. I want to play to enjoy the game, not feel like I’m going through real life deciding if I piss someone off or boost their self esteem whatnot. Kojima might as well have made the series an RPG since that genre’s games are polluted with multiple endings and heavy choices. I think this will actually destroy the experience for a lot of gamers since this isn’t the Metal Gear that we’ve come to know and just be odd. I dunno: I’ll still play the game but wish Kojima hadn’t done this to the story. If this is to close the gap on Big Boss’ story and possibly invest in a different character’s story, I understand why he would choose this approach but I still just flat out hate it. HUGE pet peeve to have any kind of moral or story shifting choice in a game; it just gets at me. Hopefully Kojima plays it smart as always and possibly elaborates on the weight of our choices in the game. Maybe it’s his way of seeing what choices gamers make in the game so he can decide where he goes with it next. Really feel like this will break the immersion for lotta people though: I’ll do my best to make choices that keep as many people alive as possible that are core to the story, but wish Kojima had handled the next gen concept of gaming at a different angle. Not saying game will be dead on arrival, but that some fans may be angry with how Kojima is handling the story, which is probably one of the reasons why he didn’t mention this in front of all the gamers at E3 and watching E3 after he showed the trailer, since he knew some, but not all fans would hugely disagree with his creative decision.

    • dwezel

      i completely can understand what you’re saying… i’m sure the choices you can make aren’t on major characters like ocelot, kaz, gray fox (if he ends up in the game), or other characters like this tho… it’ll prolly be for major newcomers to the series that maybe wouldn’t have had a hand on later events in the metal gear timeline making it alright to not truly know whether they died or lived in the events of mgs5… i will always have faith in kojima… he is by far my favorite developer of all time… what i like about his games is that every game stands on it’s own in presentation, story, and gameplay… each game feels different and each game feels perfect (for me), so whatever direction kojima wants to take in presentation, story, and gameplay, i’ll have faith he will deliver a perfect game… as long as it stays “tactical stealth action” although i believe mgs5’s tagline is “tactical stealth operations” but that just leads me to believe that you’ll be managing your own base with your own staff like in peace walker but revamped where you can actually walk around your base in the open world (instead of just managing your base through menus in peace walker) which sounds awesome to me

      • Nyxus

        Yes, as Kojima said these choices will not conflict with the overall storyline, so I think it should be alright. It can only be done for ‘certain’ characters anyway, so probably not the more important, established ones.

      • Nintendo Fan 4 Lif3

        Yea if it were like choosing which characters join your base like in Portable Ops im fine with that.. but given that Kojima said who lives and who dies will influence flow of story I’m still not sure whether he means the game will still have one ending or more. And the tagline is actually tactical espionage operations while for most of the other games its tactical espionage action. But open world aspect is exciting to me too so I can’t wait to play the game otherwise.

        • Fredy Carius

          Peace Walker was also Tactical Espionage Operations then probably while there are the open world missions you’ll have do manage the new mother base and such, no biggie.

        • dwezel

          yea i meant ‘tactical espionage action’ and ‘tactical espionage operations’… sorry, it was really late when i typed that haha

        • dwezel

          also, i believe there will only be one major ending… maybe all of the characters won’t make it to the ending, but who lives or who dies probably won’t have an impact on what happens at the end… being able to experience an mgs game in an open world outweighs the concern for the storytelling because if anyone can fuse a great story with an open world, it’s kojima

      • Nekkedsnake

        I feel you on the menus in PW. I’d wanna be able to physically walk around mother base too, as if we were running around on the big shell or Grozny grad. Though what I really liked a whole lot in PW was how to recruit soldiers. In PO you only were able to look for a wifi signal and capture a soldier. But PW expanded on this by letting you physically take on a good number of soldiers on the beach and punch punch kick or CQC slam them to the ground. If they stayed down that meant they had low combat skills. But if they were harder to take down or got up right away their ranks were higher

    • DiamondDogs1

      It wasn’t like you were “choosing” what happened to Meryl. When you first played the game unless you knew what would happen to Meryl it’s not a choice.

      I don’t think the decision making will be implemented the same way as in MGS1. And I like personally like the idea of decision making, adds replay value.

  • Shawn Pearson

    looking at this game makes me excited for the next red dead redemption .. but this game is going to be amaze balls …

  • PrinceHeir

    so this is the Deus Ex Human Revolution inspiration he’s taking about?

    i think the choice you have to make will be at the torture room.

    Big Boss will probably cast some doubt to his comrades as well(Heuy)

    Quiet will definitely play a major consequence in the game ^^

    • Hephaestus Condor Stingermissl

      Wow, what a cool concept. Every MGS game YOU are the one being tortured, this would be perfect to illustrate how much Big Boss has changed if you are the one DOING the torturing.

  • Robert Gittings

    What about causing a paradox though?

    • Nyxus

      Apparently they are being careful to make sure that won’t happen, you probably can’t kill more important characters that appear in the later games, because that would create a paradox.

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