Close Up: Metal Gear Solid 4 Dog Tags

There’s a lot of expensive Metal Gear merchandise, but, luckily for the people who don’t want to spend a small fortune on a goodie, there’s also cheaper stuff, like these dog tags made to promote Metal Gear Solid 4: Guns of the Patriots.


These dog tags were made by Koro Koro and shipped in capsule balls. There are six in total, featuring characters from Metal Gear Solid 4. The logo of the game is printed on the back of each tag.


The dog tags are made from stainless steel, with black and white pictures of the characters on them and the name printed below. Around the edge is a plastic border. It also has a strap at the top so you can attach the dog tag to, for example, a mobile phone or bag.

MGS4-Dogtag-Old-Snake MGS4-Dogtag-Liquid-Ocelot MGS4-Dogtag-Johnny MGS4-Dogtag-Meryl MGS4-Dogtag-Raiden MGS4-Dogtag-Vamp

These dog tags are pretty cool, but they do seem to be too fragile to actually use them as a keychain or something like that. Another thing is that the rubber border for some reason tend to get sticky after a while, much like the analog sticks of the PlayStation 2 and 3 controllers. Also, where is Otacon? Doesn’t he deserve to be featured on a dog tag? Of course, there are only six so it’s understandable not all characters made the cut (EVA, Sunny, Drebin, Campbell). But Otacon was pretty important to the story.

Nevertheless, they are nice little items for collectors, though they may be somewhat hard to find now, for a low price at least.

  • Joseph

    Should’ve replaced Johnny and Meryl with Otacon and Naomi

    • Nyxus

      I think Meryl should be there. But they could have replaced Vamp with Naomi (and Johnny with Otacon).

  • Hirouakan

    Maybe its in context with the story. Otacon never had any military experience, never been in the ranks, and so, never wore a dog tag. These six characters did, on the other hand.

    • Nyxus

      Good one. I never thought of it like that.

  • PrinceHeir

    wow these are some rare dog tags 😀

    still remember them promoting it on the JPN site.

    they should have put BB Dog Tags as well 🙂

    or even in game if you defeat them non-lethally they would reward you with their dog tags 🙂

  • solidmatt

    Hey guys. Check my latest blog post on possible release dates for MGSV:

    also, you can add me on twitter for future updates: solidmatt1

    • Nekkedsnake

      hey i checked out your blogspot and seems pretty legit hehe. i too, was disappointed that there was no release date and well honestly, hoping that MGSV releasing this holiday is just wishful thinking at this point. i thought that the FOX Engine was supposed to help KJP not only make a beautiful game, but help expedite the process, judging from that 90 minute presentation he gave about the technical aspects of his FOX Engine. oh well, only time will tell.

  • lthawk

    One of them is secretly Snowden

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