The Metal Gear Solid movie could still take three years or more

Avi Arad, the movie producer appointed to create the Metal Gear Solid movie, talked a bit about the film (among other projects) during an interview in Beijing.

Despite video game adaptations generally not being very successful in the past, Avi Arad thinks the Metal Gear Solid movie will deliver because the Metal Gear franchise has a great story, and is full of storytelling, which makes it suitable for a movie.

Arad is always looking to operas or the bible, being a storyteller, and with Metal Gear ‘you have Cain and Abel’.

Metal Gear Movie Columbia

We shouldn’t expect the movie anytime soon as it’s still in negotiations phase between studios and companies. It could take another three years or even more before the movie is finished. But Arad will be having dinner with Kojima soon.

Source: Kotaku

  • Joseph

    Man, I really missed your articles all summer

    • as

      yes me tooo

  • PrinceHeir

    ehh not fan of the live action.

    no offense but i don’t really see it working at all.

    though i’m really curious what it would look like and who will be the cast.

    Deus Ex Movie is also coming out so i’m interested in that movie as well ^^

    • Nyxus

      I’m worried about the challenge of translating a 10 hour game (assuming it’s MGS1) to a 1,5 – 2 hour movie.

      • PrinceHeir

        it could be like The Matrix making it a trilogy of some sorts

        though i think they should just make it an anime.

        if you watched Ghost in the Shell series, that’s how you do a action packed game with emphasis on little details and the world behind it.

        they definitely should hire Production IG.

        btw have you watched Ghost in the Shell?

        i suggest you do both Movies and Stand Alone Complex as well as the ongoing Arise series ^^

        you’ll love it if you love Metal Gear Series(Batou is Akio-san as well!)

        • Nyxus

          I have seen one of them, the first one I think. By the way, do you think the story of the movie should be based on MGS1, or on another game in the series?

          • PrinceHeir

            the movie is more about what it means to live as a robot/machine.

            are they truly human? if so what constitutes humanity?

            i made a summary of the movie here, but it’s a long one.

            Ghost in the Shell


            Ghost in the Shell 2.0(Remastered Movie, i put the differences with pictures inside of it)


            Innocence(originally doesn’t have the moniker Ghost in the Shell due to being stand alone version of the movie(it has references from the first movie though) but was named Ghost in the Shell 2 outside of japan for marketing purposes)


            please you should watch Stand Alone Complex!!

            i hope this works for you


            it’s a long one so i don’t expect you reading it at all(you could just look at the pictures and see what it means)

            i also think Ghost in the Shell SAC did the digital manipulation much better compared to MGS2.

            it’s much more consistent and you can see it actually happening right now in the real world

            as for the movie’s story.

            i think a stand alone story would be better off.

            that way fans don’t have to complain about not portraying this event properly or “Snake didn’t do this and that” instead giving as a separate film on its own with MGS characters.

            kinda like what Metal Gear AC!D did, and wow the story there is amazing and the twist in AC!D 2 is brilliant!

          • BerserkerVTR

            About AC!D, never gave it a chance… Is a good game in itself? Or is only for MGS fans?

          • PrinceHeir

            it’s more of a SRPG game with Metal Gear characters.

            the only difference is that you use cards to make moves.

            it’s a surprisingly good game, the music is fucking amazing, you feel the rush and excitement with the techno music that comes with it.

            the game is VERY slow though, a match can take up to 5-15 minutes to 30-60 minutes depending on how you play.

            Metal Gear AC!D 2 fix this by allowing you to move your character freely and in any direction after a move.

            pretty fun game, if you have a PSP you can buy it on amazon US.

            plus AC!D 2 has boss fights from the main series like Liquid Snake, Ocelot and the like.

            just wished Konami makes another game with the same artstyle as AC!D 2 by Shinji Nojiri

          • BerserkerVTR

            Sounds pretty cool, Kojima should have put it on the HD Collection… ):

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