Confirmed: Next-gen versions of MGSV to be shown at TGS

It has been confirmed that the next gen version of Metal Gear Solid V will be shown at the Tokyo Game Show, which takes place later this month. starting September 19.

So far, we have only seen the version aimed at current gen consoles (and running on a PC). This was already graphically impressive, but according to Kojima Productions the game will look much better on next gen systems.


The game will run on a frame rate of 60 frames per second on the next gen platforms, while current gen versions will run at 30 frames per second.

The game will launch on Xbox 360, PlayStation 3, Xbox One and PlayStation 4.

Source: Gametrailers

  • Maynard
  • NL37

    oh…my gawd, the fluidity, this justifies a ps4 for me, assassins creed and infamous werent enough to push me, but this, yay

  • Bob Obb

    My body’s not ready

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  • James

    The reviews are somewhat negative, but I’ve found AssaultMonkey’s post on ign very interesting:

    “This is all an elaborate rouse by Kojima. Ground Zeroes will be like the MGS2 tanker level.
    David Hayter is still the voice of snake/big boss.
    GZ is a commentary on modern gaming”

    • Cartmangus

      if only. The impressions so far have made me pretty sad. Regen Health (Saw it coming not a huge deal) Slow-motion, Mark & Execute


      • Nyxus

        Regenerating health isn’t new to MGS.

        Anyway, they have their reasons I’m sure. New MGS games have always introduced new things to accommodate the new design choices. Think of first person aiming in MGS2, and an advanced CQC system in MGS3.

        By the way, the demonstration was on easy setting.

        • Cartmangus

          Well I think it’s safe to say that the way regen health will work this time around will be vastly different from before, hiding behind cover waiting to get back to full health wasn’t really an option.

          But yeah, still looking forward to seeing more of course and it’s understandable they’re streamlining the experience, I just don’t think slowmotion and mark and execute are the right ways of doing that at all, seems lazy, but I probably won’t be forced into using those features so it’s not a deal breaker, just upsetting to hear. MGS is so unique, why flatout copy a feature from Splinter Cell that very few people liked to begin with. But then again MGS is known to have some pretty big range when it comes to difficulties so playing on Hard could be vastly different from Easy.

          I’m gonna remain positive and I am still optimistic about the game, but these impressions were no fun reading at all.

          • Nyxus

            I don’t see how it is vastly different. In previous Metal Gear games you could go behind cover, kneel down or lie down, and wait for your health to come back. Maybe you don’t have to kneel now, but other than that I don’t see much of a difference.

            And I don’t think they are trying to copy Splinter Cell. They have their own reasons for those design choices. They did the slow motion because it’s open world as opposed to small environments, and there is no radar, so they had to compensate for that.

          • Golgari

            You are right Nyxus, but Mark and execute feature which is basically a “casual mode” just ruins the experience.
            At least you can do That only with binoculars but I don’t like it. I liked what was shown at Microsoft’s E3 2013 where you look at the binocular not for the sake of that feature.

            About Health regeneration. how are we going to fight bosses now if your health will regenerate so fast? That’s the problem.

          • Nyxus

            From what I understand (but I didn’t see the demo myself, of course) it isn’t mark and execute like in Splinter Cell, where you could select enemies and Sam Fisher would take them out automaticlly. It sounds to me like the game slow down, but you still have to aim and shoot yourself.

          • Golgari

            Nyx, but that is the same thing. For example in SC: Blacklist most hardest difficulty you can mark enemies but can’t execute them. (On casual, normal or veteran you can execute enemies).

            that feature is basically allowing player to see what enemies are doing with these marks over their heads. It is a cheap feature to be honest. I’m afraid that with Mark feature we are going to get a dumbed down version of Metal Gear. I don’t want that.

          • Nyxus

            Maybe, but you have to remember their reasons. The player finds himself in more difficult situations in this game, since there is no radar and the environments are far more open, and enemies can be everywhere around the player.

            I can’t say how well this feature will work before I tried it myself, but I can understand their reasons for including it.

          • Cartmangus

            Regen health with lifebar that takes like a full minute to go back fully (or the MGS2 way which recovers around 30% of your health) is pretty different from having standard regen if you ask me

      • Jus Lee

        “Mark and execute” has not been reported as part of the gameplay ANYWHERE.

  • Nintendo Fan 4 Lif3

    Hopefully Kojima’s panle @TGS will be live streamed..I wanna see myself what it will look like on next gen. 60 FPS sounds good to me. He better provide a release window for the game, given that after TGS everyone would’ve seen both current and next gen versions so it only makes sense that he give people info on launch window or what year at least we can expect the game.

    • alexis cortes

      As much as I would hope, I guess this won’t be a Ps4 Launch title. I’m waiting for a Limited/Collectors Edition Pre-order with an artbook, Can’t get enough of Yoji Shinkawa’s artwork.

      • Nintendo Fan 4 Lif3

        Yeah, game’s too far off especially since they’re not even close to being done with it. Gotta give Yoji his credit; he’s been invaluable to the MGS universe more than people realize.

        • Nyxus

          True, in fact I would say he’s the most important person after Kojima.

          • Nintendo Fan 4 Lif3

            I second that

        • Jus Lee

          Definitely the unsung hero of the MGS franchise. Kojima wouldn’t be where he is today without Shinkawa.

          • Nintendo Fan 4 Lif3

            He has to get a lifetime award or something. Just putting him in the special thanks section in the end credits of the game won’t due his work justice. He deserves as much praise as Kojima has gotten for MGS series.

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  • PrinceHeir

    TGS 2013 is gonna be amazing!!

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