Kojima Productions To Release 25th Anniversary Metal Gear Bags

Kojima Productions has announced on their official Japanese website that they will be releasing a special Metal Gear Solid 25th Anniversary Tactical Bag, in collaboration with Volk Tactical Gear. The bag comes in two colors, black or camouflage (or ‘multicam’), and will be available in limited quantities.

The bag is A4 size and in the pouch in the front a PlayStation Vita can be stored.






The bags will be available June 28th 2012 for 22,500 Yen. For more information and photos, or to order the bag, go here (black) or here (multicam).

Source: Kojima Productions Japan

  • AkylaQD Shark

    “VOLK Tactical Gears”, What it means? and When Metal Gear Solid 25th Anniversary?

    • Nyxus

      Volk Tactical Gear is a Japanese store that sells military items, such as pouches and belts. Metal Gear 25th Anniversary is this year, the first Metal Gear game was released July 7th 1987.

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