MGSV TGS schedule announced, new gameplay to be shown at the Sony booth

The dates and times during which Hideo Kojima will be showing new Metal Gear Solid V gameplay footage have been announced.

The demo will take place at Sony’s Tokyo Game Show booth, on September 19th 13:00 (JST) and September 21 12:30 (JST). It will also be shown at Microsoft’s booth September 21 15:30 (JST), but this demo won’t be broadcast.

The presentations will take half an hour and will be broadcast by Nico Nico (September 19 and September 21).

It has also been confirmed that it will be two different demos:

The footage will also be shared on the official MGSV website a couple of days later.


Source: Ken-Ichiro Imaizumi Twitter,, Nico Nico

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