MGSV Red Band and Green Band trailer now available in Japanese

As promised, Kojima Productions released the Japanese versions of both the Green Band and the Red Band trailers of Metal Gear Solid V. So if you want to know how Ocelot or a traumatized Kaz sound in Japanese, here you go.

The English versions were released earlier this year, at E3 2013.

Source: Kojima Productions official Japanese site

  • Dejan Aleksic

    Can you translate the last line in the RED BAND trailer,it seems like Big Boss says an extra line at the very end!

    • Nyxus

      You’re right, but sadly I can’t understand Japanese.

      • PrinceHeir

        it’s more in the lines

        “there’s no such thing as a weapon like that”


        “that it is not the existing nuclear weapon.”

        • Nyxus

          In the English trailer they said ‘a weapon to surpass Metal Gear’, so that is Snake’s reaction to that?

          • PrinceHeir

            yeah, he seems surprised that there’s a weapon even greater than Metal Gear.

            i’m guessing it’s probably the birth of the Twin Snakes.

            i’m taking Japanese classes right now, maybe in a year or so i can translate some of it in the future(if this site is still active ^^)

          • Nyxus

            Yeah, people theorize he is talking about LET, and it’s a good theory indeed. And it’s the idea this site will still be active then. 🙂

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