Four new Metal Gear Solid V screenshots

Konami has released four new screenshots for Metal Gear Solid V, showing Snake infiltrating Camp Omega during the afternoon. You can view the screens below (click to enlarge).





To view the screens in full 1920 x 1080 resolution, visit the site in the source below.

Source: Dualshockers

  • Ilja Y.

    looks great!

    wish kojima would give us a release date at the tgs

  • Batzi

    So we should be getting the 1080p demos soon!

  • MrVux007

    Damn i wish current gen looks like this at the end…..even tho it looks the same as the E3 trailer graphics(witch were current gen ones,Kojima said that much)… appreciate your insights guys

    • Nyxus

      I believe those are next gen shots. I doubt it will be 1080p for this gen, too.

      • MrVux007

        ofc it wont be on 1080…720p perhaps….but the thing that bugs me is the graphics in general….

        • Nyxus

          They already said that aside from resolution, frame rate and lighting and shadows the games will be pretty much the same across generations.

          • MrVux007

            Yea i know that much Nyxus …..but how much different ??? Different as in (Damn i can really tell these are current gen graphics or next gen) or barely noticeable (i cant really tell the difference between the two) ???? i know im boring you with thees questions,but since no proper current gen footage was shown people would want to see some of the product footage before buying….dont get me wrong

          • Nyxus

            There will probably be a notable difference, but how much, that’s hard to say at this point. But this studio has a good track record for creating beautiful games on the given hardware (MGS4 still looks very nice, and it’s from 2008). But yeah, we’ll only know for sure once we have actual footage of the current gen versions.

          • MrVux007

            will they show the current gen footage before the release ?

          • Nyxus

            I assume so. And even if Konami doesn’t, you’ll be able to find comparisons on the web, I’m sure.

          • MrVux007

            Tnx Nyx…hopefully i wont be disappointed when i see the current gen footage… after all this game was targeted mainly for current gen specs ….

          • Nekkedsnake

            what’s really gonna bake your noodle is that, given time, these pics will BE current gen once the ball gets rolling.

          • MrVux007

            i really hope so mate…i have faith in Kojima he never let met down…

  • PrinceHeir

    the mark mechanic reminds me of Splinter Cell Blacklist.

    i really can’t wait for this 😀

  • CrazyGuy207

    Marking was in PW, so it can’t be THAT big of a deal. It worked then, I’m sure it will work now.

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