English MGS Ground Zeroes trailer confirms returning voice actors

The credits in the English Metal Gear Solid Ground Zeroes reveal some of the voice actors involved.


First of all, it reaffirms Kiefer Sutherland playing Big Boss. Robin Atkin Downes is back as Kaz Miller, as he did in Peace Walker. Other actors that make a return are Cristoper Randolph (Huey), Antonio del Rio (Chico) and Tara Strong (Paz).


A new actor to the series is James Horan, which makes it very likely he is doing the voice for Skull Face. Since he has not played a role before in a Metal Gear game, it seems to suggest Skull Face is a completely new character.

These are only the voice actors of characters who appear in the Ground Zeroes section (directly or indirectly).

To view the whole trailer, as well as the TGS demos in HD, go here.

Source: MGS GZ English Trailer, MGS.be

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