English MGS Ground Zeroes trailer confirms returning voice actors

The credits in the English Metal Gear Solid Ground Zeroes reveal some of the voice actors involved.


First of all, it reaffirms Kiefer Sutherland playing Big Boss. Robin Atkin Downes is back as Kaz Miller, as he did in Peace Walker. Other actors that make a return are Cristoper Randolph (Huey), Antonio del Rio (Chico) and Tara Strong (Paz).


A new actor to the series is James Horan, which makes it very likely he is doing the voice for Skull Face. Since he has not played a role before in a Metal Gear game, it seems to suggest Skull Face is a completely new character.

These are only the voice actors of characters who appear in the Ground Zeroes section (directly or indirectly).

To view the whole trailer, as well as the TGS demos in HD, go here.

Source: MGS GZ English Trailer, MGS.be

  • PrinceHeir

    hmm i wonder who’s Skull Face JPN voice actor is?

    if anyone watched Ghost in the Shell series, you should be familiar with the character named Gouda from 2nd GiG who Kojima probably based Skull Face on.

    not gonna spoil anything about him, let’s just say he’s part of the CIA because reasons 😛

  • Bob Obb

    Ugh, I hated Paz’s english voice in PW. Skull Face dub sounds really cheesy too. Definitely getting the Japanese version

  • Nintendo Fan 4 Lif3

    By now, the actor for Chico is older as Chico has gotten older since then so perhaps one of the reasons we haven’t heard his voice in the game yet is because he sounds that different from when he was in Peace Walker and Kojima just wants to surprise people I guess with how much age can affect your voice or the representation a voice can give a character?

    • NegaScott128

      Like 3 years older. Not a big deal.

      Plus, he basically reused the Chico voice for Kid Icarus Uprising, so…

  • Jason Mounce

    I may start hoping that NA. versions of the game are Dual-Audio. I might prefer Jap Dub this time around, I’m still iffy on Kiefers’ voice on Big Boss, I’m not all anal about it but at the same time it still irks me and I’m still not really convinced I’d get used to it.

    Skullfaces’ Eng dub is also…pretty damn crappy. Listening to Akio’s voice as Big Boss was much sexier/more-awesome in ‘Comparison’ to Kiefer, whereas David was better compared to Akio prior to this change. When in the Afternoon-gameplay and BBoss grabbed hold the soldier and interrogated him, Akio’s voice was all like: “Listen to me interrogate you and make you wish you could have my autograph…” -Choke-

    • PrinceHeir

      lol at David Hayter is better than Akio Otsuka.

      you must be tripping.

      it’s funny how out of a sudden people have taken an interest in the JPN version out of nowhere just because a change of ONE single voice actor.

      seriously what the hell.

      MGSV is probably the first time you heard Akio-san even though he has been doing this long before David Hayter has even started his voice acting career.

      • Jason Mounce

        Whoa-damn-bro. Sorry for having an opinion that doesn’t match your own? rofl.

        You make it sound like this ‘ONE single voice actor change’ is…. something small or trivial… nah, you’re right, the main characters voice changing abruptly totally wasn’t unexpected and people were unjustifiably complaining…..lol….

        Cause if Mario got a new voice actor, where the original voice actor isn’t dead and could still do the voice, NO ONE would complain, RIGHT?…. If someone else voiced any critical, story-driven character that talks enough to ensure you KNOW the voice = That Character, unlike voice actors for characters that are either mute or are One-liners like Master Chief or Marcus Fenix. No one would bitch? Yeaaaa-no. You’re making light of the whole situation and you should reduce the amount of pompous patronization coming from your fingertips there. You don’t really sound competent enough to be voicing an open-minded opinion at the get-go since of how tunnel-visioned your comment here is making you sound. Oh well.

        Totally, you got me. Your Magic Crystal Ball of analysis was dead-on.

        Now can you stop sucking Akio’s cock for at least 5 seconds to offer something intelligent rather than you getting upset over me saying X is better than Y?

        • PrinceHeir

          lol i love David Hayter fangirls

          it’s like talking to a wall full of shit.

          huh? voice actors change all the time what the hell are you talking about.

          Joker is no longer Mark Hamill, Prince of Persia lead always changes, even in Sam Fisher change.

          the problem is you idiots think David Hayter is the only Snake and no one can replace him, which is pathetic considering he’s not even that great of a voice actor in the first place.

          and seriously a couple of lines your already crying over? get over with it he’s not coming back your one and only savior so stop crying.

          and wow i like how you idiots won’t give any chance to any voice actor that hasn’t voiced in any games.

          if Richard Doyle didn’t voice Big Boss or any MGS characters you’ll be bitching the same thing.

          but since Richard Doyle voiced Snake, we’re “fine with it”

          and lol speaking for someone who is narrow minded as you and only knows English voice acting and nothing else.

          as i said, you only know English that’s all, nice perspective you got there!

          “David Hayter is better than Akio because i only know English DUHH”

          maybe if you actually played the game in Japanese you would get a perspective on both sides. but since you don’t know shit about Japanese i wonder what kind of perspective you would give XD.

          and wow you must love cocks for bringing such topic. maybe you should stop sucking Hayter’s cock and think first before you open your mouth ^^

          • Jason Mounce

            Well, have fun talking to the fangirls? Or being condescending to people who simply have different preferences compared to you? What are you, Hitler? No one is allowed to differ from you? Why can’t people prefer David over Akio or Kiefer?

            Mark Hamill makes some comebacks as the Joker in some things, either way your own argument can be used against you as people have complained and felt concerned about him no longer voicing the Joker or saying he’s retired from it except in emergency-situations. It’s not like people are staying quiet and not complaining, but are respecting his wishes and respectfully keep him as ‘THE VOICE’ of Joker. Just as MGS Fans are keeping David Hayter as THEIR ‘THE VOICE’ of Snake, both Solid and Naked. Yet you ridicule the ones who treasure or do this with the MGS universe. The major difference is THIS one strong fact…. David didn’t retire from the role, he didn’t step down like Mark Hamill where he said he was done, hence the complaints, you tool :/ People complain because we as fans were just as confused as the voice actor himself whereas Mark Hamill respectfully said he’s done, gave his reasons and people understood him.

            The rest of your dribble to me only shows your immaturity and I honestly can’t give any other fucks towards your immense ignorance and arrogant self-centered double-standards. You’re a nobody who thinks that your opinion should be The Law and everyone who thinks otherwise is some kind of idiotic non-nonsensical fangirl with no sense of mind and to be berated. I’ve logically bested you enough times in my book to be done with you, you offer no intelligence, no logic or any form of rational thought andI’ll leave others to deal with your incompetence and raging retardation.

          • PrinceHeir

            lol who says i’m against having different opinions.

            the problem with you fuck heads thinks that your opinion matters.

            “oh no Keifer sucks as Snake please Kojima-san replace him we don’t want him wah wah.”

            it doesn’t matter if he retired or not. the point is sooner or later the voice WILL change.

            whether to a new casting or the voice actor retire the voice WILL change.

            do you think Akio will also be Snake forever? he will be change soon as well(due to a new refreshing take or what not)

            take for example Ghost in the Shell Arise.

            Akio was Batou in the original film dating back from 1995(3 year before even MGS had voice acting) and reprise his role in Stand Alone Complex.

            yet the whole cast was replace in the new series Arise(including the main character Motoko; although Maaya Sakomoto voiced Motoko as a child in the 1995 film)

            no your complaining has gone too far. it’s okay to have difference but the amount of bitching of these so called fan girls is irritating and downright stupid.

            and why do people complain about Kiefer’s voiced like it’s the end of the world when he only did 3-4 phrases at best.

            seriously we haven’t seen him not even 20 minutes and you people are already complaining to the highest degree.

            i wonder what would Kojima think if he actually read these forums of you babies crying every thread.

            even the JPN trailer i see people complaining we want Hayter.

            i would compare this to the death threats Kojima gotten from MGS4 release.

            i wouldn’t be surprised if your the same fans that mailed him death threats leading up to the release.

            and i actually like David Hayter. i played both games games from JPN and ENG both does a fantastic job.

            i even prefer some of the english cast voices like Cam Clarke’s Liquid since he fits perfectly with the British accent.

            oh would you look at that, Cam Clarke was replaced MGS4 yet i didn’t see any backlash as huge as this one.

            gee i wonder why that is??? hmm i wonder if we change the whole english cast of MGS, except for David Hayter. people would be fine by that since alot of these fan girls think David Hayter is some sort of Voice Acting God(even though he only played Snake and nothing else lol)

            unfortunately for Hayter, after MGS2 things started to go downhill for him.

            and lol stop acting like you owned someone.

            you owned no one but yourself. take a look in the mirror and slap yourself if you think otherwise.

            and i don’t care if you downvote me or not, your not even worth downvoting in the first place.

          • Masamune

            You can go and fuck yourself douchebag.

          • PrinceHeir

            lol no one invited you here you stupid prick.

            go cry in the corner while begging to see if Hayter returns or not XD

      • will no

        I don’t really have an opinion about who is better or worse, but it’s clear that weeaboos will obviously think Akio is better purely because they don’t understand any Japanese. Aside from words like “sorry” “katana” and “pocky”

        • PrinceHeir

          Lol what a ignorant dumbass.

          It’s okay though, once you actually know how to write and read Hiragana, Katakana, Kanji you’ll soon learn my boy. Until then stick to the only language you know: English

          *GASP! Someone actually knows Japanese outside of Japan! Come on how is it possible!?!?! English is the only language out of 150+ countries!!

          Smh >__>

          • Guest

            Looks like I hit a nerve. Sorry I keep forgetting that MGS fans are a bunch of panty sniffing virgins that whack off to anime. And I have found another one.

          • will no

            How am I ignorant if I’m right? 99.9% of weeaboos don’t speak Japanese and prefer Japanese VA.

            You being in the 00.1% that does, isn’t enough to skew the data or impress anyone other than yourself.

            I guess you just wanted a chance to show off. That’s cute <3

          • PrinceHeir

            Lol weeaboos.

            Seriously though educate yourself before using that word, you might get embarrass in real life if you use it XD

            Yeah thanks for the data you provide! Where’d you get that?? in your ass LMAO.

            Not really. I’m just baffled that in 2014 there are still dumbass ignorant people like you exist in this world. Such a shame really, but then again the world would be a boring place without assholes like you :

            Just wish there weren’t a lot of people like you, but ehh i don’t mind poking some idiots every now and then XD

          • will no


          • PrinceHeir
  • Rip

    Kiefer Sutherland is fake Big Boss aka Grey Fox. David Hayter will still voice Big Boss proper. This game is MGS2 2.0

  • Cartmangus

    Wow Skull Face sounds terrible, really really terrible. He was so menacing in that japanese trailer, and now all that is gone.. Kiefer sounds flat and boring.. blegh

  • Viper

    Kiefer Sutherland has not played a role before in a Metal Gear game but he voices Big Boss. So why Skull face must be the new character.

    • Nyxus

      He doesn’t have to be, but it’s likely. Most of the cast in the game kept their original voices.

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