Kojima talks about replayability in Metal Gear Solid V

In an interview with Japanese site Inside Games, translated by DualShockers, Kojima talked a little bit about rankings and replayability in Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain.

“In some missions there are “No Kill, No Alert” challenges, and all those challenges are connected by social [rankings] and can be played any number of times. In addition to that, even in the same mission there will be different situations, like different ways to attack and different weather conditions.”

“Everything you do will eventually be evaluated at the base. For example, if you bring back the wrong target in a hostage rescue and you should do it again to improve your result. That’s the (non-linear) replay value due to the freedom enhanced by an open world.”

It seems like this will work similar as it did in Metal Gear Solid: Peace Walker, where you were giving a ranking at the end of each mission based on different factors, such as number of kills, alerts, and more. Furthermore, replayability will be enhanced by the fact that missions can be replayed under different circumstances.


Source: Inside Games, via DualShockers

  • Bob Obb

    I think that’s kind of lazy. I’ve never replayed a game because I wanted a higher rank or a trophy. For me to keep playing it needs to both be really fun and have interesting unlockables. Unfortunately MGS4 failed on both fronts, but at least MGO2 was addictive.

  • o1striker

    You don’t think trying different things is a good thing.
    You want every level to play exactly the same every time, I say screw that.
    I welcome this Peace Walker-ish type of system.
    Plus it makes it competitive vs other people by having a online ranking system per mission thats awesome in my opinion. Nothing lazy about it.

    • William of Orange

      This is like trying to get the fastest laps in a racing game. Different factors( like : weather,temperature,etc.,etc.) will influence your performance on each race. So yeah, this replay mechanism sounds really cool!

  • PrinceHeir

    interesting stuff.

    so it is a mission based type like Splinter Cell Blacklist where they judge you on how you perform(Ghost, Panther, Assault)

    i hope for different guard placements for each playthrough as well like Blacklist ^^

    • o1striker

      Peace Walker(released 2010) not splinter cell. Splinter Cell probably got the idea from peace walker if it is that similar.

  • Maynard

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