Kojima talks about MGSV social aspects: gathering intelligence beforehand

In an interview with Famitsu, Kojima talked a bit about the social aspect of Metal Gear Solid V, although he didn’t want to reveal too much concrete information about it.

“If I could give you a hint, for MGS5, we often talk in terms of ‘removing the rules’. Instead of restricting players with the game design, we want to have it so players advance the way they want to. For example, in an infiltration mission, it’s pretty rare that you go in without any support or intelligence. You have spies and advance forces; you have scouts set up a route for you.”


“The reason we’re calling this game ‘Tactical Espionage Operations’ instead of ‘Tactical Espionage Action, is because we’re at the point where we’re mixing the old MGS, Peace Walker, and this open world together. There’s another world waiting within that mix, and it’s one I hope you’re looking forward to.”

Not too much concrete information, but it seems to imply that you can use your tablet or smartphone to scout the area ahead of infiltration (comparable to how you could use the Mark II in MGS4). Maybe you can examine maps and blueprints of the locations and plan the best route to get in unnoticed. The tablet-like device Snake is carrying (iDroid) may serve as an interface for these actions. But of course, this is all just guesswork.

Source: Polygon

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