Motion capture for Rising – car chase

As most Metal Gear fans will know Metal Gear Rising Revengeance has been outsourced to another company, Platinum Games. But while this studio is doing most of the work on the game, Kojima Productions is still in charge of the cutscenes. Today Kojima posted some pictures on his Twitter talking about a specific scene they are currently doing the motion capture for.


The motion capture studio


Part of the storyboard showing Raiden behind the wheel of a car

Kojima’s commentary on this:

What?! Car chasing scene???

We can see what looks like a tunnel on the upper drawing, followed by a close up of Raiden behind the wheel. On the third picture one of the cars appears to be ramming the other.

Kojima-Motion-Capture-Studio-Car-Chase-Rising-3 Kojima-Motion-Capture-Studio-Car-Chase-Rising-2

The car in the motion capture studio

Some very interesting, albeit small portion of information about what kind of scene to expect in Rising. After this, Kojima continued with his usual habit of showing the world his latest lunch.


Source: Kojima’s Twitter

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