Konami employee confirms no retail version for Ground Zeroes on XB1 and PS4, big announcement coming soon

After the announcement that Metal Gear Solid V: Ground Zeroes will release in the spring of next year, some people are wondering why the current gen version will have both a physical and a digital release, whereas the next gen version only seems to be getting a digital version.

Konami posted this tweet on their official Twitter, after a user asked about a retail version for PlayStation 4:

However, it seems like Konami is not planning to release a retail version for the next gen consoles. ToraShiro, a user at the NeoGAF forums who claims to work for Konami, answered some questions regarding this decision (click the images to enlarge, but the information is also cited below).


“I work for Konami (KDE-US) and I can confirm that at this time there are no plans for a retail version of the Xbox One and PS4 SKUs of GROUND ZEROES. That’s the official word around the office right now.”

About the aforementioned Tweet he says:


“PS4 will not be getting a physical edition. That answer was in regards to what will be included in the retail version (PS3/X360). I’ll make sure my associate is more clear in the future.”


“Any reason for this?
I mean, any logical reason?”

– “Yes, there are. Can I share them in a public forum? Nope.jpg”

Konami does seem to have some kind of ‘big announcement’ coming up.


“How would you say GZ compares to MGS1, 2, 3 or 4 in terms of length and content.”

– “Kudos for asking! But unfortunately I can’t give any specifics (I like my job and intend to keep it). You’ll have to wait until our big announcement.”


“I guess you can’t talk about the content or its length in regards to GZ?”

– “I have no guarantee of my safety from MSF hit-squads if I were to divulge that classified info. We do have a big announcement coming soon-ish that should shed some light on those questions, though.”

All pretty vague, but it looks like we will be getting more information (relatively) soon.

Update: The big announcement will take place before this year’s Video Game Awards. So that means before December 6.



“Can you please give us a time frame of when we can expect that announcement? Is it going to before the VGAs or after?

– “It will take place before the VGAs.”

Source: Konami Twitter, NeoGAF

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