More MGSV:GZ info coming this week: big announcements and new game footage

This week we can expect a lot more info on Metal Gear Solid: Ground Zeroes, as well as new footage. On NeoGAF, a Konami employee calling himself TorShiro said what we’ve seen so far is ‘just the beginning’.

This is just the beginning. Make sure to keep an eye out for new info coming out of the event this week, Kojima will be doing a ton of interviews and a couple of big announcements.

A user asked if we there will be new footage as well. TorShiro answered:

8 Ball says ‘chances are¬†excellent‘.

Many big gaming sites say the embargo ends on Friday. Kojima has given a lot of interviews yesterday and today, maybe we will get some small bits in the coming days.

Source: NeoGAF, via Examiner

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