Save data carries over from GZ to TPP, possible reward for playing both parts, and more MGSV info from interviews

During his trip to New York City this week Kojima spent three days getting interviewed by different media outlets. Here are some of the more interesting parts containing new Ground Zeroes info.

From Famitsu (via NeoGAF)

  • GZ can be compared to the pre-title sequence in a Hollywood movie, catching the audience’s attention with a dramatic event before the real story begins.
  • GZ serves as a tutorial for TPP. The main story missions all take place at night in the rain, but you can visit the camp during the day in the optional missions. There is no dynamic weather or day and night cycle.
  • The Phantom Pain has many of the same features as Peace Walker (recruiting and base management). This will not be in GZ, and neither will fulton recovery, but you can retrieve optional soldiers by helicopter.
  • Your GZ save data will carry over to TPP, and doing extra stuff in GZ will give you benefits in TPP.
  • The reason for breaking up the game like this is that due to the large amount of content MGSV takes a long time to develop, so Konami worked this out with Kojima in order to give gamers early access to at least the prologue.
  • Kojima is planning to reward gamers for buying both parts in the form of content in the full game, but they haven’t decided yet on what this will entail.
  • GZ and TPP feature second screen functionality through phones and tablets. One of the uses is to display leaderboards. Maps might be another feature, but Kojima is concerned that it will be difficult for players to divide their attention between two screens.

From Polygon:

  • Kojima doesn’t feel like he’s making radical changes with this game, it’s just a natural evolution of the series. It’s still a stealth action game.

From Kotaku:

  • Kojima initially wanted to launch MGSV shortly after Peace Walker, for either the PSP or the PS3. But due to development issues and the next generation being close, the game ended up as it is now.

From Giant Bomb:

  • Since Ground Zeroes takes place in 1975, they’re including elements from that time, but at the same time also stuff people from that time period envisioned as futuristic.
  • Snake’s personality will be different before and after Ground Zeroes. Something happens in Ground Zeroes that will lead to The Phantom Pain’s story.

From DualShockers (1 and 2) (via Game Spark)

  • Intolerance between differences in ethnicity is the main theme of Metal Gear Solid V. With the improved graphics of the PlayStation 4, they will be able to be show these differences through more subtle things, like the way someone moves.
  • Kaz Miller may not appear on the cover of the Western release of the game, like he does in Japan. Reason is people’s unfamiliarity with the character due to Peace Walker’s poor sales.

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