In Ground Zeroes, you will only have one chopper, in The Phantom Pain, a lot

People who have been watching the gameplay videos of Metal Gear Solid V will have an idea of how the chopper is going to be used in the game. In the latest Kojima Productions podcast, some small details on how this element will differ between the two parts were given.

You can use the chopper for multiple things (rescuing people, escaping from the base, etc.) But you have to be aware of what landing zone you choose. You can choose a high risk area with a lot of enemies, but that means you’ll have to protect it from getting shot down. Or you can choose a safer landing zone, but that one may be in the middle of nowhere, meaning you have to travel a lot more.

Be careful of your helicopter in the prologue though. “In Ground Zeroes there’s just one chopper, and there’s a reason for that which you’ll understand when you actually play Ground Zeroes.” the podcast’s host Sean Eyestone explained. But he did not want to spoil the story. “For the Phantom Pain, you’ll have the option of having a lot of choppers.” he added. Like in Peace Walker, you’ll be able to customize your army, and there will be various different types of choppers.

Source: Kojima Productions Alert 007

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