Kojima checking MGSV (Hard Mode), and shows new photo of the menu screen

The past few days Hideo Kojima has been doing checks for Metal Gear Solid V: Ground Zeroes.

“My eyes are tired after checking game with nigh vision.”

“Oh my eyes… got tired w unfocused (bug) weapon subjective site.”

He’s been trying out the game on Hard as well.

“Checking game with HARD mode today but keep getting interrupted by mtgs.”

Also, Kojima posted another photo of MGSV’s menu screen, as he did earlier when showing the music importing option. Only this time, you can see sunlight coming through the windows of the helicopter, whereas on the older photos it was nighttime. It appears that the screen has a dynamic day and night cycle. According to Kojima, the sun is setting on this photo.


There are several options we can see here:

Mission Select: this one is obvious.

Play Records: probably a list of statistics, maybe accompanied by emblems as we have seen in previous Metal Gear games.

Trial Records: this could be a list of best times and other rankings for specific missions.

Backstory: this sounds like some sort of recap for those who are new to the series.

Cassette Tapes: from earlier photos we know there are two sub-options here: ‘listen to tapes’, and ‘import music’. The first one is probably similar to Peace Walker’s cassettes with recordings of character dialogues, replacing the CODEC conversations.

Manual: probably a controller layout, maybe even an interactive tutorial.

Options: this is obvious as well (change the game’s volume, toggle subtitles and Reflex Mode, things like that).

Source: Hideo Kojima Twitter

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