Want physical versions of MGS Ground Zeroes in the west? Sign this petition and Konami might listen

Earlier this month Konami announced their distribution plans for MGSV’s prologue Ground Zeroes. While Japan is getting several editions on most platforms (except Xbox One, for now), for the west only a digital release was announced for the next gen consoles.

However, someone has started a petition in an effort to convince Konami to bring the retail versions to the west.


While these petitions don’t always seem to be effective, this one just may be. The advice to start this petition came from Nazih Fares, currently in charge of PR & Marketing Plans for MGSV:GZ and MGSV:TPP. If Konami sees there’s enough interest for it, changes are we will get retail versions in the west after all. Here are Fares’ Tweets:

To view the petition itself, go here.

Source: Nazih Fares Twitter, via At7Addak

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